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This is a list of notable port numbers used by protocols of the transport layer of the Internet protocol suite for the establishment of hosttohost connectivity. Contents CHAPTER 1 Working with PowerDesigner Resource Files. Opening Resource Files in the. Functions Solvo. WMS includes basic as well as additional functionality, depending on the business technologies used in the warehouse and the type of material handling. Sybase Basic Commands Pdf' title='Sybase Basic Commands Pdf' />SQL Developer Concepts and Usage. The Database pane sets properties for the database connection. Sybase Basic Commands Pdf' title='Sybase Basic Commands Pdf' />Validate date and time default values If this option is checked, date and time validation is used when you open tables. Filename for connection startup script File name for the startup script to run when an Oracle database connection is opened. You can click Browse to specify the location. Chapter 17 Accessing Databases with JDBC Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press. Personal use only. J2EE training from the author httpcourses. All cheat sheets, roundups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page. FILExt. com is the file extension source. Here youll find a collection of file extensions many linked to the programs that created the files. This is the FILExt home. The default location is the default path for scripts see the Database Worksheet preferences pane. How To Use Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard Review. Database Advanced. The Advanced pane specifies options such as the SQL Array Fetch Size and Display options for null values and for STRUCT object values. You can also specify Kerberos thin driver configuration parameters, which enables you to create database connections using Kerberos authentication and specifying the user name and password. For more information, see the Kerberos Authentication explanation on the Oracle tab in the CreateEditSelect Database Connection dialog box. For information about configuring Kerberos authentication, see Oracle Database Security Guide. SQL Array Fetch Size Specifies the maximum number of rows to be fetched at a time into the table Data grid display. Display Null Value As Specifies the value to be displayed in the table Data grid for null values. The default is the string null. Display Null Using Background Color Specifies the background color for any null values displayed in the table Data grid. Display Struct Value in Grid Controls how unstructured data types are displayed in the table Data grid. For example, if this option is checked, Oracle Spatial and Graph geometry data is displayed with the full SDOGEOMETRY definition but if this option is not checked, each Oracle Spatial and Graph geometry object is displayed as just MDSYS. SDOGEOMETRY. Autocommit If this option is checked, a commit operation is automatically performed after each INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement executed using the SQL Worksheet. If this option is not checked, a commit operation is not performed until you execute a COMMIT statement. Kerberos Thin Config Config File Kerberos configuration file for example, krb. If this is not specified, default locations will be tried for your Java and system configuration. Kerberos Thin Config Credential Cache File Kerberos credential cache file for example, krb. If this is not specified, a cache will not be used, and a principal name and password will be required each time. Use Oracle Client Lets you specify the use of an Oracle Home or Oracle Instant Client. Click Configure to select the Client Type Oracle Home or Instant Client and the Client Location. Use OCIThick driver If this option is checked, and if an OCI thick, Type 2 driver is available, that driver will be used instead of a JDBC thin driver for basic and TNS network alias database connections. If any connections use a supported Remote Authentication Dial In User Service RADIUS server, check this option. Tnsnames Directory Enter or browse to select the location of the tnsnames. If no location is specified, SQL Developer looks for this file as explained in Database Connections. Thus, any value you specify here overrides any TNSADMIN environment variable or registry value or on Linux systems the global configuration directory. Database AutotraceExplain Plan. The AutotraceExplain Plan pane specifies information to be displayed on the Autotrace and Explain Plan panes in the SQL Worksheet. Database Drag and Drop. The Drag and Drop Effects pane determines the type of SQL statement created in the SQL Worksheet when you drag an object from the Connections navigator into the SQL Worksheet. The SQL Developer preference sets the default, which you can override in the Drag and Drop Effects dialog box. The type of statement INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, or SELECT applies only for object types for which such a statement is possible. For example, SELECT makes sense for a table, but not for a trigger. For objects for which the statement type does not apply, the object name is inserted in the SQL Worksheet. Database Instance Viewer. The Instance Viewer pane determines default behaviors when a DBA user uses the database Instance Viewer. Graph Duration The amount of history shown in graphs that include a time axis. For example, you might want graphs to reflect data only for the last two minutes or for the last hour. Database Licensing. Some SQL Developer features require that licenses for specific Oracle Database options be in effect for the database connection that will use the feature. The Licensing pane enables you to specify, for each defined connection, whether the database has the Oracle Change Management Pack, the Oracle Tuning Pack, and the Oracle Diagnostics Pack. For each cell in this display combination of license and connection, the value can be true checked box, false cleared box, or unspecified solid filled box. If an option is specified as true for a connection in this pane, you will not be prompted with a message about the option being required when you use that connection for a feature that requires the option. Database Navigation Filter. The Navigation Filter pane enables you to control the types of objects that appear in the Connections navigator display for connections to Oracle and third party databases. If you check Enable Navigation Tree Filtering, you can click separate tabs for different database types, and for each type you can specify by check marks which types of objects appear in the navigator hierarchy for connections to that type of database. Database NLSThe NLS pane specifies values for globalization support parameters, such as the language, territory, sort preference, and date format. These parameter values are used for SQL Developer session operations, such as for statements executed using the SQL Worksheet and for the National Language Support Parameters report. Specifying values in this preferences pane does not apply those values to the underlying database itself. To change the database settings, you must change the appropriate initialization parameters and restart the database. Note that SQL Developer does not use default values from the current system for globalization support parameters instead, SQL Developer, when initially installed, by default uses parameter values that include the following. NLSLANG,AMERICAN. NLSTERR,AMERICA. NLSCHAR,AL3. UTF8. NLSSORT,BINARY. NLSCAL,GREGORIAN. NLSDATELANG,AMERICAN. NLSDATEFORM,DD MON RR. Database Object. Viewer Parameters. The Object. Viewer Parameters pane specifies whether to freeze object viewer windows, whether to open objects with a single click instead of a double click, and display options for the output. The display options will affect the generated DDL on the SQL tab. The Data Editor Options affect the behavior when you are using the Data tab to edit table data. Data Editor Options. Post Edits on Row Change If this option is checked, posts DML changes when you perform edits using the Data tab and the Set Auto Commit On option determines whether or not the changes are automatically committed. If this option is not checked, changes are posted and committed when you press the Commit toolbar button. Set Auto Commit On available only if Post Edit on Row Changes is enabled If this option is checked, DML changes are automatically posted and committed when you perform edits using the Data tab. Free Download Game Bus Driver Full Crack Download.