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API Reference. Introduction. Welcome to the i. Speech Inc. Application Programming Interface API Developer Guide. This guide describes the available variables, commands, and interfaces that make up the i. Speech API. The i. Speech API allows developers to implement Text To Speech TTS and Automated Voice Recognition ASR in any Internet enabled application. The APIs are platform agnostic which means any device that can record or play audio that is connected to the Internet can use the i. Here is a sample file converted with AmazingMIDI. Try to listen sample. KB sample. mid 1KB Whats New. Version 1. 70 August 20, 2003. Online file conversion, covering a wide range of different image, document, music, video and compression formats. Free for files up to 100MB, and premium services. Speech Codec Wav Samples Keywords Voice Codec Samples, Codec Sample Data, WAV File Samples. Describes the different audio file formats and codecs available on Windows computers. Includes samples of each audio format including WAV, MP3, VOX, RAW, WMA, RA and RAM. Practical Computing For Biologists Pdf Free Software. Main Page Design Staff Design Services Project List Audio Demos Useful Calculators All over the map Site Map Contact Us So why does reverberation affect. Speech API. Minimum Requirements. Below are the minimum requirements needed to use the i. Speech API. The API can be used with and without a software development kit SDK. Internet Connectioni. Speech services require an Internet connection. Sample Wav File Speech' title='Sample Wav File Speech' />HTTP Protocol. The i. Speech API follows the HTTP standard by using GET and POST. Some web browsers limit the length of GET requests to a few thousand characters. RequestResponses. Requests can be in URL encoded, JSON, or XML data formats. You can specify the output data format of responses. For TTS, binary data is usually returned if the request is successful. For speech recognition, URL encoded text, JSON, or XML can be returned by setting the output variable. Manual Onkyo Ht-R380'>Manual Onkyo Ht-R380. An API key is a password that is required for access. To obtain an API key please visit http www. API Features. You can retrieve the properties of your API keys. Tabtight professional, free when you need it, VPN service. An audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system. The bit layout of the audio data excluding metadata is called the audio. Thank you. I downloaded your AoA Audio Extractor today and found it to be a most useful program. I used it to extract an audio file from an wrongly dubbed avi file. CognitiveSpeechSTTWindows Windows SDK for the Microsoft SpeechtoText API, part of Cognitive Services. Pistonsoft-Text-to-Speech-Converter_1.png' alt='Sample Wav File Speech' title='Sample Wav File Speech' />Key information includes a voice list, amount of credits, locales, and many other parameters. Text to Speech. You can synthesize spoken audio through i. Speech TTS in a variety of voices, formats, bitrates, frequencies, and playback speeds. Math markup language Math. ML and Speech synthesis markup language SSML are also supported. Automated Speech Recognition. You can convert spoken audio to text using a variety of languages and recognition models. We can create custom recognition models to improve recognition quality. Position Markers. You can get the position in time when words are spoken in TTS audio. You can get the position in time of mouth positions when words are spoken in TTS audio. Developer Support. Sales. Automated purchasing system https www. Speech sales can be contacted at the following phone number 1 9. AM to 6 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. You can also email salesispeech. Support Troubleshooting. Please contact our support team at. Software Development Kits. Speech SDKs simplify the i. Speech API. You should use i. Speech SDKs if the option is available. Only mobile SDKs made by i. Speech allow you to use the i. Speech API for free. Availability. i. Phone, Android, Black. Berry,. NET, Java Server, PHP, Flash, JavascriptFlash, Ruby, Python, Perl. API Access Pricing. Platforms. Pricei. Phone, Android, Black. Berry. Free with fair usage using i. Speech SDK for non revenue generating apps. Apps must follow the i. Speech standard usage guidelines for branding. NET, Java, PHP, Flash, Ruby, Python, Perl. Between 0. 0. 5 and 0. TTS or transaction ASR, depending on quantity. Authentication. API Key. API Key Information Retrievalcurl http api. YOURKEYHERE actioninformation outputrestHTTP Response voice locale 9. JapaneseFemaleVoice wordlimit4. All calls to the API require an API Key as a parameter. An API key is a password that is required for access. To obtain an API key please visit http www. ViewEdit Keys. Manage your API keys by using the. Speech developer website. You can request additional features for your API keys on that website. Request Parameter Reference. Parameter. Data Type. Example Value. Apikey. YOURKEYHERETransaction Types. The i. Speech API supports URL Encoded, XML, and JSON formats. Position Marker and Viseme data is currently only presented in XML form. Supported transaction types. Transaction Type. Input Format. URLHTTP GETPOSTURL Encodedhttp api. HTTP GETPOSTXMLhttp api. HTTP GETPOSTJSONhttp api. Request Parameters. Parameter. Supported Valuesoutput optionalxml, json, rest defaultText to Speech. Example HTTP GET Request Using most variablescurl http api. The i. Speech Text To Speech API allows you to synthesize high quality spoken audio in multiple formats. Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360'>Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360. The i. Speech API doesnt use callbacks because its fast and synchronous. Youll always receive audio data or an error message in the same HTTP transaction. Request Parameters. Parameter. Data Type. Example Value. Action. Stringconvert, ssml. Text. String. Hello World. Ssml optionalStringlt Voice optionalStringusenglishfemale defaultFormat optionalStringmp. Frequency optionalInteger hertz1. Bitrate optionalInteger kbps4. Speed optionalInteger 1. Startpadding optionalInteger seconds5 default 0Endpadding optionalInteger seconds5 default 0Pitch optionalInteger. Bitdepth optionalInteger bits per sample8 or 1. Filename optionalStringmyaudio or myaudio. Library optionalStringlibmath. Voices Standard. HTTP GET Request Setting voice to European French Femalecurl http api. Name. Alias. US English Female defaultusenglishfemale. US English Maleusenglishmale. UK English Femaleukenglishfemale. UK English Maleukenglishmale. Australian English Femaleauenglishfemale. US Spanish Femaleusspanishfemale. US Spanish Maleusspanishmale. Chinese Femalechchinesefemale. Hong Kong Cantonese Femalehkchinesefemale. Taiwan Chinese Femaletwchinesefemale. Japanese Femalejpjapanesefemale. Korean Femalekrkoreanfemale. Canadian English Femalecaenglishfemale. Hungarian Femalehuhungarianfemale. Brazilian Portuguese Femalebrportuguesefemale. European Portuguese Femaleeurportuguesefemale. European Portuguese Maleeurportuguesemale. European Spanish Femaleeurspanishfemale. European Spanish Maleeurspanishmale. European Catalan Femaleeurcatalanfemale. European Czech Femaleeurczechfemale. European Danish Femaleeurdanishfemale. European Finnish Femaleeurfinnishfemale. European French Femaleeurfrenchfemale. European French Maleeurfrenchmale. European Norwegian Femaleeurnorwegianfemale. European Dutch Femaleeurdutchfemale. European Polish Femaleeurpolishfemale. European Italian Femaleeuritalianfemale. European Italian Maleeuritalianmale. European Turkish Femaleeurturkishfemale. European Turkish Maleeurturkishmale. European German Femaleeurgermanfemale. European German Maleeurgermanmale. Russian Femalerurussianfemale. Russian Malerurussianmale. Swedish Femaleswswedishfemale. Canadian French Femalecafrenchfemale. Canadian French Malecafrenchmale. Arabic Maleararabicmale. Voices Custom. Custom Voices may be enabled for your account. They can be found in the developer portal api key properties custom voices. You can use them by setting the variable voice to the custom alias. Name. Alias. President Obama. Obama voiceobamaCustom Voicecustomvoice. Voices List Retrieval. HTTP GET Network Transaction to get XML voice list. XML Responselt Korean Female Voicelt voice description 1 lt voice 2 usenglishfemalelt voice 2 lt voice locale 2 1 en uslt voice locale 2 1 lt voice locale 2 2 enlt voice locale 2 2 lt voice gender 2 femalelt voice gender 2 lt voice description 2 United States English Female Voicelt voice description 2 lt data JSON Responsevoice gender 4. Finnish Female Voice,voice description 3 Hong Kong Chinese Male Voice,voice 5. Korean Female Voice,voice description 6 Chinese Female Voice,voice description 7 United Kingdom English Female VoiceREST URL Encoded Responsecurl http api. KoreanFemaleVoice.