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Absolutely loved this app, and have been using it to play Pokemon Fire 4ed for a long time. However, I have recently been unable to work the app as. Have Mega Evolution. This is completely different from the regular Emerald game you are used to. However, it is different, in a very fun and cool way. Rubber bands have been around since the middle of the 19th century. May 2. 01. 5, this is the Emerald sideshow game with the most Pokmon to catch. Not only that, but every single one of them is catchable, either through an event, or in the wild. Not only that, but the Trainers, Gym Leaders, Evil Teams, Elite Four, and Champion have new Pokmon as well. In order to compensate with the new Pokmon, there has been quite a few new moves added to game to add to everyones movesets. Some with new animations, and some with new effects. PhysicalSpecial Split To make the game more current, a proper PhysicalSpecial Split has been implemented to the game, including icons to denote each move. Have Specific Pokmon Events In order to encounter certain Pokmon, or more specifically, legendary Pokmon, you must have one to three Pokmon in your party in order for the event to work. Fairy type Yes, the Fairy type that has been shown in Pokmon X Y, has been added to the game. Updated Stats Also, Pokmon that got their stats updated in X Y now have them updated in this game. New Evolution Methods Pokmon that evolved through trade have a different means of evolving. Not only that, but because of the new Pokmon, completely new evolution methods have been added, like Map Name Evolution, Move Evolution, etc. That, and three new evolution items have been added. The Dawn Stone and Dusk Stone from Diamond and Pearl, and the Link Cable from Pokmon Mystery Dungeon. Running Shoes Update Like the newer generation games, you can use the running shoes to run inside of buildings. Reusable TMs Introduced in Pokmon Black White, TMs can be used as many times as you like. Fake Your Specs. Egg Hatching Level The levels of eggs that hatch are now at Level 1, just like in the newer games. Catch EXP A mechanic introduced in X Y, now when you capture a Pokmon, your Pokmon will gain EXP. De capitalization NO MORE OF THIS. Maybe a few spots, but Ill fix them as time goes on. Features 7. 21 Pokmon Every Pokmon from Bulbasaur, all the way to Volcanion, is in this game, and they are all available to catch 6. Moves All moves up to Gen VI are in the game, and work as they do in Gen 6 Proper PhysicalSpecial Split I mean, why not 1. Abilities All abilities up to Gen VI are in the game, and work as they do in Gen 6 Fairy type Fairy type has been included, and given to their respective Pokmon and moves NewUpdated Items There are battle ready items to collect, where they can be bought, or found on wild Pokmon Item Pocket Extension I couldnt find a better way to say it. The Main Items Pocket has been extended to hold 2. Items 1. 00 REUSABLE TMs How else can I describe it haha Proper Mega EvolutionPrimal Reversion I hated the way Mega Evolutions were in the dumb alpha, so it works as intended now Battle Frontier Updated I did this for the fun of it. The Battle Frontier has no limits to which Pokmon you bring You can use your Mega Rayquaza holding a Life Orb. But the Trainers there are allowed to use them as well Running Indoors Way more convenient, in my opinion. New Repel System Instead of hunting through your bag for a Repel, the game will ask you if you want to use another one Gain EXP from capturing a Pokmon Now with no more Pokdex glitch Deletable HMs THANK GOD Level 1 Eggs No other way to describe this New Battle Backgrounds It makes it look a little more updated Harder Difficulty as of 2 5 2. Up to Level 2. 50 as of 2 5 2. Whats New Wonder Skin glitch fixed all moves had a 5. LeftoversBlack Sludge glitch fixed I have no clue what the problem was, but its fixed now Minor Text Fixes Not glitches Lack of animation of some moves. They will be done as time goes on Lack of formforme changes. They will be done as time goes onScreenshot Tut. Download Download Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Completed 2.