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How to Send Web Pages From Your Phone to Your PCIt isnt hard to go from reading an article on your phone to reading it on your laptop. All you need to do is remember where you found it, right But searching for something you already have in front of you is redundant, especially since companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple all have ways to take whats on your phone and bring it to your desktop in an instant. Chances are, with a few settings tweaks, you can enable the feature right now. Microsofts Continue on PC is Device Agnostic. The companys new Continue on PC feature is a site sharing tool for both Android and i. OS devices. It exists as an app that lives in your devices share sheet, the icon that lets you perform actions like sharing images, sites, or messages to social media services or other apps. Hit your share icon, select Continue on PC and watch the page youre looking at appear on the corresponding screen. You can download Continue on PC in the App Store. Patented pen for testing precious metals FROM WWW. GOLDTESTER. COM PEN GOLD TESTER is a pen for identifying gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. Motor Trend reviews the 2016 Toyota Tundra where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Find local 2016 Toyota. Nero Platinum combines dozens of programs in an ingenious package burn, copy, edit, stream, rip and convert. Youll need to sign in with the same account you use on your PC. You can link your phone to your PC by visiting Settings Phone. After you link the two devices and install the app, you can choose to continue now which opens up your PC browser, or later which places the link of your choice in your Windows 1. Action Center, the operating systems notification tray. SkPBc69c/UHVUl25dCnI/AAAAAAAAAOY/qMz45Cm9QZU/s400/screen+shot-4.jpg' alt='Platinum Notes 3 Crack' title='Platinum Notes 3 Crack' />If you dont have an offsite cloud storage plan and you really should, Googles newest update toRead more Readi. OS Users Can Use the Built In Handoff Feature. With i. OS you can send whatever site youre looking at on your i. OS device to your Mac using Handoff, one of Apples Continuity features that syncs compatible apps between Mac and i. OS devices. If youre on an i. OS device and looking at some webpage or are using a supported app like Messages, Safari, or Bear, youll see the corresponding icon appear in your dock, letting you leave your phone alone and access it from your Mac. Even when using Safari on my i. Phone, Handoff uses whatever default app I designate, making Chrome my go to browser on the desktop. Youll have to jump through a few hoops like turning Bluetooth on and signing in with i. Cloud to get Handoff working, but once its up and running youll be able to see every supported i. OS app in your Macs dock, ready to help you continue doing what youre doing. You can enable Handoff in your i. OS device by going to Settings General Handoff. You can do the same on your Mac by opening System Preferences General, and checking the Allow Handoff option. Google Chrome Supports Tab Syncing. The app is certainly a relic, from a time when the casual computer user couldnt crack open Photoshop or Skitch or Pixelmator or thousands of web apps. Ashampoo Snap 10 Crack Free Download. Ashampoo snap 10 Crack is wonderful software that is developed for capturing of images. It is also used to make a video as well. If youd rather keep your contents cross pollination strictly to the web, Googles got your back. Signing into Chrome with your Google account enables a variety of syncing features, keeping your browser history, extensions, and login information accessible in nearly every iteration of Google Chrome though extensions dont work on Android or i. OS devices. If youre looking at a piece of news or checking the menu of some restaurant on your phone, you can plop down in front of your PC or Mac, open the History tab with Y or CTRL Y, and see the tabs and history of your other synced devices. You can do the same on mobile devices, which will list your synced devices and the last visited sites so you can resume your browsing. RIP, Microsoft Paint. MS Paint, the first app you used for editing images, will probably be killed off in future updates of Windows 1. Paint 3. D. Microsoft lists the 3. Windows 1. 0s next autumn update, a little X marking the end of an era. The app is certainly a relic, from a time when the casual computer user couldnt crack open Photoshop or Skitch or Pixelmator or thousands of web apps. MS Paint cant save image components as layers or vectors its for making flat static images only. It doesnt smooth lines or guess at your best intentions. It does what you tell it and nothing more, faithfully representing the herky jerky motion of drawing freehand with a computer mouse. Its from a time before touch, a time before trackpads. Game Jaws Unleashed For Pc Rip Game. As more sophisticated options appeared, Paints janky aesthetic became a conscious choice. Paint became the metonym for that aesthetic, even if an image was actually created in another app. TV Tropes lists major limitations that came to define a certain look the wobbly freehand lines, awkward color handling, and inappropriate export settings that give Paint its distinctive look. In 2. 01. 4, Gawkers Sam Biddle noted Paints influence on conspiracy theory images, calling the form Chart Brut. In amateur detectives attempts at identifying the Boston Marathon bombers, the simplicity and jaggedness of Paint evokes the crazy wall aesthetic of red string and scribbled notes, apparently without irony. The same year, internet historian Patrick Davison explored Paints influence on the last decade of meme culture, particularly Rage Comics. The outsider art aesthetic feels appropriate to the relatable everyday content, and makes the art form unthreatening. Of course, Paint offered a few features to smooth things out, like the circle and line tools and the fill tool, all used in the stoner comics of the early 1. Crucially, those circles still had jagged curves. The bright colors of stoner comics are flat, as MS Paint didnt support gradients without an elaborate hack. Contrast those pixellated lines with the slick, stylish face from this art tutorial This slickness is built into Paints successor, Paint 3. D. From the moment you start sketching, Paint 3. D smooths out your art. It also supports automatic selection tools and content aware fill to rival Photoshops. By automatically improving art, Paint 3. D hides the process behind the image. Paints sloppiness is probably why rage comics got so popular. Looking at a rage comic, you can tell exactly how it was drawn, and how you might draw one yourself. By delivering exactly what the artist draws, MS Paint forms an image that the viewer can mentally reverse engineer and imitate. Unless you go absolutely nuts with it. Reddit user Toweringhorizon painstakingly assembled the drawing To a Little Radio using MS Paint tools like the oil brush, stretching the medium while maintaining a pixelated look. Its one of the top submissions to MS Paint subreddit, a beautiful collaborative art gallery. Scrolling through this art feels like flipping through the sketchbook of the most artistic kid in high school. Theres an accepted roughness, a desired minimalism. For example, the exquisite raindrops in the work above are reflected in a flat, featureless tabletop. Like a transistor radio, Paint might be showing its age, but this tenacious little gadget should not be underestimated. To a Little Radio doesnt even come close to testing Paints limits. As we say goodbye to the app that shaped an era, let us watch this bizarrely soundtracked time lapse of drawing Santa Claus in MS Paint on Windows 7 over the course of 5. We can only believe this is real because faking it would be even harder.