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The Flood Latin Inferi redivivus, meaning the dead reincarnated or the Parasite, as they are. On the day he assumed his new job as head of the US Interior Department DOI, Ryan Zinke rode a horse through the streets of Washington. It seems only fitting now. The official PlayStationStore Buy the latest PlayStation games, movies and TV shows for your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Trump Official Met with Palmer Luckey, Chuck Johnson to Discuss the Wall, For Some Reason UpdatedOn the day he assumed his new job as head of the US Interior Department DOI, Ryan Zinke rode a horse through the streets of Washington. It seems only fitting now that we should find actual horseshit in the retired Navy SEALs office. Last month, Zinke, the man who runs 5. Americas own shitlords, Chuck C. Johnson and Palmer Luckey, to discuss President Donald Trumps plans for building a wall along the US Mexico border. The man who arranged the meeting was the secretarys friend, American Sniper author Scott Mc. Ewen, who also coauthored Zinkes own biography American Commander. Johnson, you might recall, is the notorious troll who managed to secure a lifetime ban from Twitter after asking for funding to take out activist De. Parasite In The City Full Game' title='Parasite In The City Full Game' />Stick Games has all the best Action, Shooting, Defense, Strategy and Guts Gore stick games online. Ray Mc. Kessonfar from the first time hed harassed someone online. Hes also the founder of the highly partisan, often spurious, and achingly irrelevant Got. News. Johnsons most recent belt notch is the alt right crowdfunding platform Wesearchr, a site which frequently experiences outages and is currently pooling money for the legal defense of neo Nazi site the Daily Stormer. Simpson Strong Tie Deck Tools. Though largely out of the spotlight, Johnson has repeatedly touted his own proximity to the Trump administration in recent months. Luckey is, at this point, as well known for founding virtual reality company Oculus as he is for being slowly pushed out of it. I will admit that I actually dont play a lot of HGames, also known as hentai games. Most of them are fairly bland, are on the complete opposite side of the. It was revealed that the 2. Hillary shitposting political action committee called Nimble America with Milo Yiannopoulos as a silent partner later it was discovered hed funneled 1. Trump campaign after claiming he voted for Gary Johnson. Now, no longer employed by Facebook, Luckey seemingly spends his days getting into flamewars with Redditors. Neither of these men, to the best of our knowledge, has any particular expertise on wall construction, immigration, or policy, foreign or domestic. A log of Zinkes meetings last month, published recently to the DOI website in response to several Freedom of Information Act requests, reveals that on April 1. DOI revenue streamsZinke held a meeting with Johnson and Luckey on the topic of Border Wall building plans. Four other DOI employees, all of whom are Trump beachhead team members, were present for the meeting, including Megan Bloomgren, Zinkes acting communications director. The Secretary had a brief meeting where he listened to their ideas about using technology on the border and referred the gentlemen to the Department of Homeland Security, a spokeswoman for Zinke told Gizmodo. Asked whether the Secretary was aware of Johnsons extremely inappropriate and abusive behavior prior to the meeting, she said he was not. Regarding setting up the meeting, a friend of the Secretarys suggested he talk with them about their technology, she said. As a result, they had a very brief meeting with the Secretary. There was no action after. Asked which of the secretarys friends had set up the meeting, the spokeswoman replied The friend is Scott Mc. Ewen. Johnson did not reply to multiple requests for comment. Luckey, reached via Twitter DM, responded same answer as last time, a reference to Gizmodos last attempt to secure comment from Luckey, in which he replied, I could give you an answer, or I could tell you to fuck yourself.