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Short reviews of all games I have PC Racing Games mid 9. Ridge Racer Unbounded 2. I didnt have any expectations for this game, but going by the demo, its actually pretty good. Yesterday in A message from the team on needforspeed. Ghost Games announced that the release for the PC version of the upcoming Need for Speed game is going to. Press L, R3, Right, Left, Right, Down to unlock the Porsche Cayman. Note problems have been reported with this code. It may not work on all versions of the game. Rubber bands have been around since the middle of the 19th century. To reach download page dont forget to use SkipAd button in right corner up on adfly page. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 full game nosTEAM download here. Id definitely like to get Ridge Racer Unbounded sometime, when its cheaper. This is the only Western developed Ridge Racer game, but its better than most of the Japanese ones. Ive never been a fan of that series. This is fun, though. The games a somewhat Burnout inspired racing game where you drive around tracks, blasting through some buildings along the way in your search for shortcuts. The graphics are nice, and I like the fun shortcuts. The full version even has a track editor, rare these days. Sega Rally Championship This demo lets you race through the first two of the four tracks in the game. So yeah, it actually gives you half of the courses, though you can only play in one mode, 1 lap, and cant change the difficulty. Sega Rally is a great racing game but comparing it to other PC racing games really does show off the games biggest problem, that it has almost no content. Sega Rally makes up for its. DS9OZJAxKtM/VHpaLwzdlXI/AAAAAAAAAYY/Pmwv52Q1hjo/s1600/nfsmw000.png' alt='Nfs Most Wanted Save Game Pc' title='Nfs Most Wanted Save Game Pc' />However, especially on the PC the excessively thin feature set really does show through. This is an incredible racing game for sure, but theres so little to do. As for this port, its okay. Looks decent, and works better than many 9. Sega PC ports. I guess its a decent version though. Higher res than on Saturn at least. Sega Rally 2 This game has more content than the first game, and the port is good, too. The visuals are better than on the DC, which is nice. The DC versions a little disappointing looking, but this is better. I think this one is better on PC than DC, going by this demo anyway. The demos just got one track, but its enough to show that its definitely better than the DC version. Skunny Kart DOS. Skunny Kart is, essentially, a Wacky Wheels ripoff. It looks SO much like it that the rumor is that Copysoft actually ripped off Wacky Wheelss engine. I dont remember the whole story, but if they did, it wouldnt be surprising. Wacky Wheels. Its not as good as that classic, because Copysoft are no match for Apogee, but the sharewares worth trying for anyone who loves Mario Kart, I guess. Id say dont pay for it because of the whole Copysoft scandal element, but well, you cant buy this new anymore, for sure. Snow Wave Avalanche Does not work in Vista. Snow Wave Avalanche is a late 9. This really is a racing game, and not a stunt game. The demo has just one hill, but I quite liked it this is a game Id still like to play the full version of. The graphics are okay, though nothing special for the time for sure, but the simple, fun skiing action works fairly well. Id like to play more of this one. Its really too bad that the game doesnt run in Vista Id like to play it again without having to use my old computer. There are no videos of it online that Ive found, either. Space Haste 2 Space Haste 2 is an Eastern European futuristic racing game from 0. In the game, you race cars that look like hovering 1. Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 Pc Completo more. That concept sounds a lot better than this game actually is, unfortunately. The game has average to subpar graphics, bland design, and boring gameplay this is about as dull as futuristic racing games get. The demo cars feel quite slow. I imagine the game gets faster later, as usual in the genre, but with tracks this narrow, thatd get frustrating. You do not have great control over your car, either dont expect Wipeout precision here, Space Haste 2 control is somewhat loose and floaty. The game can get frustrating, too, as you immeditately lose if you run out of energy, and lose a point of energy each time you touch a wall. Powerups can restore it, but still, its kind of a pain with the narrow, Wipeout esque but worse track you race on in this demo. The menus are poorly designed too for instance, the game doesnt even show you your gamepad mappings. Instead, it just tells you if each command is mapped to a button or not, and how many buttons its mapped to if it is. Yeah, it tells you that, but not WHICH buttons. Great. Overall, Space Haste 2 doesnt do much right. This demo may only be one track, but if the full games as boring as this is and I expect that it is its not worth tracking down. Speed Busters American Highways Demo 2, and Mexico Demo Speed Busters has two different demos, each with a different track. On my Vista computer though, only the Demo 2 demo works the Mexico demo doesnt, for whatever reason. Demo 2 lets you race on the Hollywood track, and was the first Speed Busters demo I played. Now, I do have this in this category, because I dont have Speed Busters for PC, but I do have both Speed Devils games for Dreamcast, and theyre just retitled versions of Speed Busters. Its a good, but not great, game, released at about the same time as NFSIII. I think Speed Busters might be slightly better, but its close. I do like that Speed BustersDevils has an actual circuit mode, and not just single races, and the tracks have some shortcuts and fun parts. Handling is only average, though, which can be annoying at times. Note that the Demo 2 requires Windows to be set to 1. SplitSecond This is a racing game with lots of explodable bits from just a couple of years ago. You press a button while driving, and some obstacle ahead of you blows up. The goal is to take out the cars ahead of you with them. The demos great fun, liked it for sure. Ive heard that the game gets repetitive in the full version, and I didnt buy it, but the demo is definitely fun and I would like to play the game eventually. Sports Car GT Run in Win. ME compatibility mode for it to work. This is a GT racing sim from EA released in 9. The game was also on PS1, and you can tell, but it looks nice enough for the time. As for the gameplay, this is a sim handling is realistic, which means Im horrible at the game. I only managed to finish above 4th last once, in the five races I did on the demo track, and that time was in the easiest car and with speed assist on. Yes, this game does have assists to help out. There are also numerous car settings, for people who know about such things. That I actually raced five times says something too despite how frustrating it was to constantly spin out, I was somewhat enjoying this game. You really can tell the difference between the car types, too the GT1 car was very hard to drive and I spent half of my time spinning out, while the practice car, while not easy, was much more managable. Decent game, for its genre. Superbike 2. 00. 0 Superbike racing sim from EA. I had about as much fun with this one as youd probably expect. Seems solid for its genre though. The game has significant braking and acceleration aids enabled in this demo, so the bike will automatically slow down for the turns, as youre supposed to. Kind of interesting to see. For people who want it more realistic there are some realism settings, but I doubt that this is the hardest of hardcore sims as far as bike customization goes. Still, its indisputably on the sim side of things. The tracks are all real world Superbike World Championship race courses, as well. So yeah, the track in the demo is one of those bland official racecourse tracks that I never find interesting to drive on. The graphics are definitely nice, though, this is a good looking game for its time and still holds up reasonably well. Still though, this isnt a game Ill play. The game requires Win.