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For MSPs, developing and maintaining an inhouse cybersecurity program is the first step toward launching an IT security practice. Theres a pernicious, pervasive belief that technology will save us from ourselves. Im not so sure. Apps on smartphones are great, but no replacement. CSA STAR The Future of Cloud Trust and Assurance. CSA STAR is the industrys most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud. STAR encompasses key. Do you face a situation of authorizing a productive compliance management program that conveys satisfactory results as per the HIPAA rules In the event that yes, at. Weather Improves Wettest 1. Months on Record at MSP 3. Rule. Gentle Reminder Every T storm Is Dangerous. Theres a pernicious, pervasive belief that technology will save us from ourselves. Im not so sure. Apps on smartphones are great, but no replacement for common sense. In recent years Ive run into coaches who dont evacuate the ball field until and unless they can see lightning. Thunder Rain No problem let the kids playThats risky, considering any rumble of thunder implies that lightning is nearby. Lightning can travel up to 1. And just because the rain has stopped doesnt mean the lightning risk has passed. Its smart to wait at least 3. Remember the 3. 0 3. Rule. There have been 1. Model Security Program Msp' title='Model Security Program Msp' />USA this year. It pays to be paranoid. No complaints today or tomorrow the nicer day of the weekend. A wrinkle of cold air aloft sparks a few pop up T storms on Sunday a couple hours of showers. IVNXTX1omP0/U5dsQotDaNI/AAAAAAAAHeM/5_HBYXG5uXo/s1600/msp-hack.jpg' alt='Model Security Program Msp' title='Model Security Program Msp' />Summer is on full display next week with a streak of 8. T storms Wednesday Friday. All in all a fairly quiet, benign, reasonable weather pattern. No complaints Photo credit Mitch Dobrowner. Lightning Fatalities in 2. To Date. 5 lightning related deaths so far in Florida, which is still the most lightning prone state in the USA. More details via NOAA. Wettest 1. 2 Month Period on Record. The Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service tweeted this out yesterday. August of 2. 01. 6, making this the wettest 1. Summery Spurts. No real Dog Days, at least not looking out 1. Congressional Budget Justification Performance Budget Fiscal Year 2016 CBJ Submission February 2015. In this article, Rich Gibbons gives us an intro to the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program including how it works, changes unique benefit. Well see a few days in the 8. Minnesota State Fair. Twin Cities ECMWF numbers Weather. Bell. Much More of the Same. Heaviest rains over the next 8. Plains with potential flash flooding most likely across Oklahoma and Arkansas. Heavy T storms bubble up east of the Rockies, but the western USA continues to trend drier. Model guidance NOAA and Tropicaltidbits. Southern Soaking. Roughly half a tropical storms worth of rain is forecast to fall on the southern Plains and Mid South into the Carolinas, as much as 3 7 of rain in the next week, according to NOAA models. It Wasnt Even a Hurricane, But Heavy Rains Flooded New Orleans as Pumps Faltered. The Washington Post reports. Panic and rough memories have surfaced across New Orleans this week as residents cope with yet another reminder that parts of the city sit as much as seven feet below sea level. A494Jn2c6q38QVx3P72t7mX2gc9tFf922w299g14FwL2s1n8y/8w859453qIJ649QTdP.jpeg' alt='Model Security Program Msp' title='Model Security Program Msp' />And even though U. S. taxpayers have spent nearly 1. Unlike during Hurricane Katrina, the problem over the weekend wasnt the 1. New Orleans from the tidal surges of the Gulf of Mexico or Lake Pontchartrain, which hangs over the northern and eastern edge of the city. Instead, parts of New Orleans were underwater because the citys hundreds of miles of drains and pumps couldnt bail rainwater fast enough. Photo credit The Circle Food Store was engulfed in floodwater in New Orleans on Saturday. Officials in New Orleans say heavy rainfall overwhelmed the citys pump stations. Brett DukeNOLA. Times PicayuneAssociated Press. Bitdefender Business Security is the antimalware protection ranked first in independent benchmarks, an ideal solution for small businesses. Hot Words After New Orleans Flood, Pump Problems Revealed. More background from U. S. News. Part of the problem was that eight of the huge pumps meant to move floodwaters werent working. Six smaller constant duty pumps also were out, general superintendent Joseph Becker said Tuesday. I was upset about that because everything that they had represented to the community indicated that all of the pumps were working, everything was fine, we were in great shape, we were prepared for hurricane season, Stewart said. And come to find out, in a typical rainstorm, the pumps could not do their job. The storm was unusually heavy, with 9. National Weather Service meteorologists told local news outlets thats the sort of storm with a 1 to 2 percent chance of happening in a year. Disaster and Neglect in Louisiana. Last years 2. 0 3. Baton Rouge area, from a cluster of persistent thunderstorms, is still having consequences, as reported by Climate Central. In some places, more than 2 feet of rain fell over three days, overtopping rivers and canals. The flooding killed 1. Research has shown it was one of the worst storms yet to have been clearly linked to climate change. The estimated 1. American history, but the national reaction has been muted in the year since. Northern Louisiana was hit by flooding that caused 2. The storm in August had no name and it affected a neglected corner of the country. At the same time, the Olympic Games and a divisive national election reduced news coverage, leaving national reports on the flooding scarce. A New Orleans Times Picayune movie critic wrote a week into the disaster that locals have every reason to worry that recovery funds will be just as scarce. Photo credit A small boat transports flood victims down Old Hammond Highway in east Baton Rouge on Aug. Credit Travis SpradlingThe Advocate. Insurer Miami Is More Vulnerable to Hurricanes Like Andrew. Heres an excerpt from a story at AP Almost 2. Category 5 hurricane struck south of Miami, and the citys vulnerability to catastrophic storm damage has grown exponentially, according to a new insurance underwriters analysis. At the time, Hurricane Andrew was the most expensive natural disaster in U. S. history, causing more than 2. Floridas most populous areas, including 1. Stringent building code enforcement followed in Miami, but so did population growth, coastal development and climate change. Our concerns lie with the fact that even though weve made good changes, 2. Florida, and people forget what can happen or they dont know what could happen, said Monica Ningen, chief property underwriter for the U. S. and Canada at Swiss Re. File photo credit In this Aug. Homestead and Florida City, Fla. Almost 2. 5 years after Hurricane Andrew struck south of Miami, a new insurance underwriters analysis says the citys vulnerability to another Category 5 hurricane has grown exponentially. AP PhotoMark Foley, FileNOAA Active Hurricane Season Ahead. Heres an excerpt of a tropical updateforecast that went out from NOAA NHC on Wednesday Today, NOAA issued the scheduled update for its 2. Forecasters are now predicting a higher likelihood of an above normal season, and they increased the predicted number of named storms and major hurricanes. The season has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2. Forecasters now say there is a 6. May prediction of 4. May predicted range of 1. May predicted range of 2 to 4. A prediction for 5 to 9 hurricanes remains unchanged from the initial May outlook. Gambling with Mother Nature. People living on or near the coast are already gambling, and the risks are only increasing as water levels continue to rise. Heres an excerpt from The Miami Herald For Floridians with no debt on their homes by or near the water, dropping the flood or other insurance previously required by their mortgage lenders could become a greater and greater gamble over time especially if they live in areas affected by rising tides and sea level. Sunshine State homeowners who must insure their properties are buying policies from an industry that already is reacting to what it sees as global climate change and its accompanying potential for more frequent flooding and storms and escalating damage claims. That reaction is one of caution that ultimately could call for dramatically increasing premiums or even declaring some areas too risky to underwrite at any cost. Essential questions to ask first There is a tremendous amount of ground swell in the channel community with regards to value added resellers VARs establishing managed service provider MSP initiatives. It is easy to get caught up in lure of a new money making venture, especially with hardware and software margins declining. However, you need to be certain that your company has the right DNA to execute the MSP model. By submitting your personal information, you agree that Tech. Target and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers. You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. The answer may not be obvious for many reasons. It may lead you to a variation of the classic MSP model, which involves performing the actual service or you may sell the concept for a fee, but have the OEM provide the actual service or you may conclude that the MSP business is not for you at the present moment. Your due diligence will take you down the right path. Either way, it is good to determine how deep the water is before you jump in and how to navigate once youre in there. The following questions will help you determine if, first, your DNA is a match for the MSP model and, if so, how to establish effective MSP vendor relationships and sales models. Becoming a managed service provider Home. Introduction 1. Is your company a good match for the MSP model 2. What are the benefits of providing managed servicesWhat questions should you ask a potential MSP vendor 4. How should you price MSP offerings 5. How can you avoid failed MSP partnerships About the author     Paul Myerson. Paul Myerson is a senior channel analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. Paul has core competency in direct and indirect sales model efficiency, channel program management and business strategy required for successful vendorpartner success. Myerson comes to ESG from EMC where he played a key role in developing the companys channel business. Prior to joining EMCs channel business, Myerson ran EMCs southeast region direct sales operations. Highlights of his 1. EMC include signing and managing EMCs first resellers as well as the companys largest worldwide partners. In particular, he was recognized for his unique approach to channel management strength he now applies to the industry at large. Hdri Studio. Myersons charter at ESG is to run the channel practice and to aid ESG clients with their channel initiatives. Cinema 4D Vray Materials Library'>Cinema 4D Vray Materials Library. Paul is also our featured speaker at the Storage Channel Reseller Seminar, just for VARs, resellers, systems integrators and consultants. This free one day seminar is taking place in Chicago, Toronto, New York and San Francisco. Take a minute today to apply for this free seminar admission by calling Delegate Recruitment representative, John Smith at 5. Copyright 2. 00. 7Tech.