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It is also used to ensure that the development standards approved by the City and other agencies are implemented and maintained. To determine if a proposal qualifies for site plan approval, staff complete a comprehensive review of plans and studies submitted with the site plan control application. Technical agencies, ward councillors and the public all inform staffs decision to approve, modify or refuse an application for site plan control. Building location, landscape treatment, pedestrian access, drainage control and parking layout are a few of the items addressed during review. Determining if Site Plan Approval is required. MHmpIgzvU/VshGAnHXAvI/AAAAAAAAC10/1KMQ-Sjd70Q/s640/10.png' alt='Microfit For Windows 7' title='Microfit For Windows 7' />Consult the Site Plan Control By law to determine if a development is exempt from approval. In accordance with the By law, a development that is exempt may be required to obtain site plan approval if required by the Planning and Growth Management Department. To confirm that site plan approval is not required telephone 3 1 1 to speak with a Development Information Officer. If approval is required a building permit cannot be issued until it is granted. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. ROCK LAKE RD, Central Frontenac Ontario, Canada Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 1 COUNTRY SOLITUDE just minutes from Highway 7. This raised bungalow has three. Epi Info is a public domain statistical software for epidemiology developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC in Atlanta, Georgia US. In general, the following developments may be exempt from approval if the property location, land use and parking count comply with the Site Plan Control By law. A residential building that is directly accessed from a public road and contains no more than three principal dwelling units. To qualify for a townhouse exemption the lots must be legally subdivided. A non residential building that is no more than 3. An accessory building if the cumulative total size of all accessory buildings on the property is no more than 3. An outdoor commercial patio. An agricultural use. A building containing more than three dwelling units may be expanded by 3. Additional dwelling and rooming units are not permitted without site plan approval. A non residential building may be expanded by 3. Most non residential conversions. Minor changes to an approved site plan if permission from the City is granted. Parking lot expansions in support of an addition or change in use. New Requirements for Site Plan Control in Sandy Hill. Development pressure has occurred in recent years in Sandy Hill as a result of the demand for student accommodation. This has lead to the conversion of properties in a manner inconsistent with the existing public realm. As a result, Sandy Hill has been designated as a Special Site Plan Control Area through an amendment to the Citys Site Plan Control By law. Site Plan Control is now applicable to the following A residential use building that contains a detached dwelling, linked detached dwelling, semi detached dwelling, duplex, three unit dwelling, group home, a freehold townhouse containing no more than three dwelling units and where each of those dwelling units are on a separate conveyable lot or a rooming house with a maximum of six rooming units and no dwelling units Residential development that constitutes an addition to the land uses listed above Development that introduces one or more additional dwelling units to those land uses listed above. Development that introduces one or more additional rooming units to those land uses listed above. Review Time Frame. There is no public consultation associated with this process. Site Plan Control is delegated under authority to staff, with sign off by the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development. The decision timeline is 4. Delegated authority can be withdrawn by the Ward Councillor. Fees. For any residential building that is proposed to contain three or fewer dwelling units, or fewer than six rooming units, the following fees apply to any new construction or addition to the gross floor area of the building Any alteration to the front, corner side or other street facing faade5. The creation of any new dwelling units where the resulting count does not exceed three dwelling units5. The creation of new rooming units where the resulting count does not exceed six rooming units5. Where the addition or new construction results in a building of 2. Where the addition or new construction results in a building of greater than 2. Where the addition or new construction results in a building of greater than 3. Square metres gross floor area2,5. If the building is designated under Part IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act, then there is no charge for alteration to the front, corner side or other street facing faade. The requirement for Site Plan Control in this area of Sandy Hill can be waived by the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development or the Chief Development Review Services, with the concurrence of the Ward Councillor. In general the purposes of the site plan control in these cases is limited to review of design and elevations, where exterior changes are proposed, the location and layout for on site parking, landscaping, grading and drainage, and waste management. The required information and documentation with respect to a site plan for these purposes are as follows The information set forth in Subsections 93 to 1. By law 2. 01. 4 2. The information required to address the Planning Act, paragraph 4. A one page planning rationale providing a summary of the nature and intent of the proposed development or redevelopment A site plan showing site layout, the location of the building and all its entrances, details of landscaping, and the layoutlocation of any on site motor vehicle and bicycle parking In the case of additions resulting in buildings of 2. Ontario Elevation drawings and three dimensional colour renderings at a scale of 1 5. Details on cladding materials, windows, and other architectural elements proposed or, in the case of an existing building proposed to be modified, details on how these materials are being changed or replaced Floor plans of each floor of the building showing the use of all space, consistent with Building Permit application, including all rooms with their intended purpose, vaults, central storage and collection areas and other facilities and enclosures for the storage of garbage and other waste material. Note that this process does not exempt any development that would otherwise be subject to the full Site Plan Control process and fees. Should you have any questions, please contact Simon Deiaco, Program Manager, Development Review Urban Services Unit, at 6. Public Notification and Consultation. Certain site plan proposals are subject to the Citys public notification and consultation process. A large sign summarizing the proposal is placed on the property to notify the public that an application has been received. Registered community organizations enrolled with the City are also given notice when a site plan proposal is received in their neighbourhood. Detailed information about proposals that require public notification and consultation, including a copy of the site plan is available online. Any person who wishes to provide comments to staff for consideration may do so within the designated comment period.