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Sata Mode AHCI IDE. Hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing fine. Ive literally rebuilt my entire machine but I think I made a mistake before installing Windows 7. I should have gone over the BIOS with a fine tooth comb, but I did not. The SATA mode is set to IDE instead of AHCI or RAID and now of course, I cant switch it to my knowledge without getting a BSOD. It means I would have to reinstall the OS over again. I have been reading up online and did a search here, but didnt find the appropriate thead. I have two questions. Armed Forces Medley. I read on a forum somewhere, where an Intel user used a program to change this in Windows somehow. Is there some kind of utility that will allow me to switch to AHCI mode without reinstalling Win. Second question, is it worth it to switch over I see the benefits are this AHCI mode brings 3 main advantages Supports NCQ Native Command Queuing allowing SATA drives to accept more than one command at a time and dynamically reorder the commands for maximum efficiency. Supports hot plugging of devices. Supports staggered spin ups of multiple hard drives at boot time. Installing Sata On Vista' title='Installing Sata On Vista' />Hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing fine. Ive literally rebuilt my entire machine but I think I made a mistake before installing Windows 7. Hello,I have recently built a system, but im very new at doing this. I have been able to assemble everything, even install Vista. But Im having troubles getting the. Can I install an old hard drive it into my new XPS 8920 system. To add a SATA controller to a machine for which it has not been enabled by default either because it was created by an earlier version of VirtualBox. Having Trouble Installing Windows 7 By USB With Your GIGABYTE 100 Series MotherboardInstalling Sata On VistaMy machine seems kind of slow when accessing data and dont know if this is an issue with the SATA drives being in IDE mode. I got some choppiness in some games thats coming from access data tested and that seems weird but could definitely come from SATA drives being in IDE mode. I got an MSI R5. 77. Hawk Video card. Im freaking in love with that thing I have two Hitachi 7. RPM SATA and one Seagate Barracuda 7. RPM SATA drive. All three are 5. GBMy new machine is ASRock M3. Installing Sata On Vista' title='Installing Sata On Vista' />A7. DE Mainboard and I successfully unlocked the 4th core on my AMD Athlon 4. Phenom X4 3. 1 and its running beautifully. Ran a stability test and it was perfect. RAM is Kingston Hyper. X CAS8 running at 1. So my question. to AHCI or not. Ventajas Y Desventajas De Windows Vista Y Windows 7. Do you think its worth it. Have you noticed huge performance gains. So now I guess I better update my profile and sorry I havent been around. Me and Seven. Forums had an email issue CheersSata 6. G not working in Asus Bios Solved. I set BIOS storage configuration to RAID and the Marvell Controller to AHCI. Rebooted and tried to install Vista. Unfortunately, although the Vista install started, it would only go through the initial loading of the files. Ya know, the very first loading dos like screen with the loading bar while it brings up system files. Then nothing Again, with the Marvell controller set to AHCI and the P5. RAID, you would need both device drivers ready on a floppy disk or USB drive anduse the F6 option to load both during Windows Setup. You didnt mention doing that maybe Vista doesnt like Marvell controller enabled during installCorrect VISTA or any other MS OS will NOT like the Marvell controllerbecause you need to load the device driver with F6 during Windows setup. And, with the P5. Storage Configuration set to RAID, another issue that. I hinted about above, is that Windows Setup may not like changingthe P5. Windows Setup is running,because your optical drive is connected to one of the P5. Heres another, slightly different approach I had a situation similar to yours many years ago,with an older Intel chipset. I wanted to build a RAID 0 for data storage only,using the on board SATA ports controlled by the. Intel chipset so, I started out with an IDEPATA HDDand an IDEPATA optical drive. I double checked your User Manual and confirmedthat you do have an IDEPATA port on that motherboard. Well, PATA optical drives are cheap 2. PATA and one SATA. You could do the same as I did switch to an IDEPATA optical drivein order to get VISTA loaded and running correctly dont connect anything to the P5. Caviar Black to one of the Marvell gray ports,set the Marvell controller to AHCI, and leave the. P5. 5 Storage Configuration at IDE default mode for now. Have the Marvells device driver ready for F6 during Windows Setup. When VISTA is installed and operational, you should beable to switch the Storage Configuration for the P5. RAID, reboot, and have the device driver for that controller readyon a floppy disk, USB thumb drive, or even store it on your C partition. Plug and Play should detect this new device during startup and should launch the driver update sequence at that point,you simply point the OS to the device driver, andthat should install the RAID mode device driverfor the P5. Then, you can plug your SATA optical drive into one of the P5. SATA ports, AFTER the P5. Caviar Black will perform slightly betterin 6. G mode than in 3. G mode, but the differenceswill not be dramatic.