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How to Mount a Flat Screen TV 1. Steps with Pictures1. How to install a bicycle bottom bracket that has sealed cartridge bearings. Installing Cable Guide Bottom Bracket' title='Installing Cable Guide Bottom Bracket' />Installing Cable Guide Bottom BracketObtain a correctly sized bracket either online or at an electronic retail store. Any major electronic retailer should be able to help you with this purchase if you have questions. Generally, brackets come in a size range. This means you can buy a bracket that fits a range of TVs. Remove the base that comes with the TV if it is attached. If the base is not already attached when you open the box, do not put it on youll just have to take it off later. Lay the TV on its face glass down on a soft, padded, flat item. If you have any reservations about laying your plasma TV glass down on the carpet or floor, check the owners manual for guidance. Some plasma screen manufacturers recommend working with the flat screen facing upright while attaching the brackets. Bangla Font Moina Normal. StepbyStep Guide to Building a PC Last Updated on February 12, 2012 Updated LinksThis thread is to provide a stepbystep guide to how to build a PC. Installing Cable Guide Bottom Bracket' title='Installing Cable Guide Bottom Bracket' />Look for the four holes on the back of the TV. Those are where you will place the bracket you purchased. There might be three pieces to your mount. Internet Download Manager Idm Cracker Software. The two small brackets will attach to your TV. Remove any screws plugging the holes if necessary. Many TVs manufacturers plug their mounting holes with screws during assembly. Digital Prism 3 In 1 Photo Converter Driver For Mac. Put the mounting brackets on the back of the TV, aligning them as stated in your mounting directions. Make sure that the brackets are facing the correct way when screwed to the TV. Use a screwdriver to tighten any remaining bolts. The bracket should be firmly bolted to the TV, without any wiggle room. You may need to use some washers that come with the bracket to get a tight fit.