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Dynasty of Primes Transformers Wiki. The Dynasty of Primes is a group from the live action filmcontinuity family. The Dynasty of Primes was the ruling class of Cybertron eons ago. Formed by the first Thirteen. Hot Water Heater Electric Installation For A Thermador. Seven Cybertronians, the Dynasty ruled Cybertron and protected the All. Spark until they were betrayed by one of their own. The only named Primes are Prima, the first Prime, Sentinel, who remembered his ancestry, Bendy Bus, whose status is unknown, and Optimus, the last of the Primes. Fiction. Movies. The five movies are the primary component of the live action movie continuity family. Their events should be taken as canon for all other pieces of fiction listed below, unless otherwise specified. Revenge of the Fallen. Voice actors Michael York, Kevin Michael Richardson, Robin Atkin Downes English, Banj Ginga, Daisuke Gri, Yasuyoshi Hara Japanese. At least by 1. 7,0. BC, ancient beings known as the Seven Primes, reached the Solar System in their quest to build a Star Harvester, but they discovered the chosen system contained a life bearing world, and so six of the Primes objected to using the Harvester on the systems sun. The seventh, however, insisted on using the Harvester anyway upon weighing the longevity of his planet and his race against a seemingly meaningless organic world. This Prime quickly turned on his brothers and their creed, waging war against them, with those who agreed with his ideals by his side. After attacking and killing many of his fellow Primes and slaughtering a large number of early humans he was thereafter ever known as The Fallen. The remaining Primes mounted an attack on their new nemesis and hid the Matrix of Leadershipwithout which he could not activate the harvesterin a tomb composed of their own bodies on the very planet he sought to destroy, using the last of their energy left from the epic battle to completely seal it. According to Sam Witwicky, who had absorbed the All. Spark, Sentinel Prime led an expedition where it took him fourteen galactic convergences to get an echo of something, seemingly related to the existence of other dimensions where the theory of relativity was not applicable. In the present day, their descendant Optimus Prime perished in battle whilst protecting the human adolescent Sam Witwicky, the chosen vessel of the All. Spark after the Cubes physical destruction. With the seemingly confusing knowledge of an advanced alien civilization in his mind, Sam and his companions set out to find the Matrix of Leadership after learning it might be the only thing that could resurrect Optimusthe last of the Primeswho was the only being who could defeat The Fallen. AlienPoker_1020/AlienPoker_1020.gif' alt='Heart Of The Alien Dos' title='Heart Of The Alien Dos' />Real alien pictures UFO occupants photos and descriptions, grey aliens and reptilianamphibian aliens Caponi Italy 1993, Varginha Brazil 1996 and possible links. U. S. Entry The Dos and Donts Important Entry Rules, Regulations and Consequences for Violators. Video Game Music MP3 downloads and other media. Directed by Roland Emmerich. With Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell. The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. EA SPORTS FIFA 18 and Need for Speed Payback Bundle. Bundle. PS4. Don S. Davis Filmography, biography, and photos. Oua msicas de Erasure como A Little Respect, Oh Lamour, Blue Savannah, Love To Hate You, Star, Stop e todas as outras msicas. Over 1,000 classic music videos from the 1980s. A A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray Aha Take On Me. The Battle of Los Angeles, also known as The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, is the name given by contemporary sources to the rumored enemy attack and subsequent anti. Travelling to Petra in Jordan, Sam discovered the Tomb of the Primes hidden within, quickly discovering the small Matrix. His hopes were soon dampened however, when the artifact crumbled into dust upon it being moved. The Cold War Era on this page. Nevertheless, he held onto his faith and gathered up the dust in a tattered sock, intending to revive Optimus with it in any way feasible. During a climactic battle around the Star Harvester between the Autobots and The Fallens Decepticon forces, Sam died in an attempt to use the remnants of the Matrix to resurrect Optimus Prime. Appearing to leave his body, the six Primes soon appeared before Sam, telling him that they had been observing him for a long period of time, praising his sacrificial acts to save the last Primes spark. They pronounced him worthy of receiving the Matrix, revealing to him that it is now never merely found but instead earned, then instantaneously resuscitated him. Brought back to life by the six Primes, he was able to fulfill his destiny by reviving Optimus. The Fallen stole the Matrix and used it to activate the Star Harvester, but thanks to Jetfire donating his parts, Optimus Prime was given the power needed to battle the Fallen. Optimus destroyed the Harvester, defeated and seriously injured Megatron and finally and rather brutally killed the Fallen. Revenge of the Fallen. Dark of the Moon film. When Sentinel Prime was about to kill Optimus Prime, he mentioned that all the Primes were once considered gods. Dark of the Moon. The Last Knight film. Quintessa referred to herself as the Prime of Life, though it is unclear if or how this fits into the Dynasty of Primes. The Last Knight. Revenge of the Fallen adaptations. According to Jetfire, the Dynasty of Primes was formed by the first Thirteen Cybertronians. These beings could not transform, but they and their transforming descendants possessed powers beyond that of the average Cybertronian. The Dynasty ruled Cybertron and protected the All. Spark, replenishing it with the energy harvested from stars. However, the Dynasty of Primes was also benevolent, believing that all life was sacred, and refused to harvest stars with worlds inhabited by sentient races. To better prevent abuse, the Dynasty guarded the Matrix of Leadership, an artifact formed by the All. Spark to power the Great Machines used to harvest stars. However, one of these Primes believed that they should harvest the star Sol, which promised to yield vast amounts of energy, even though Sol was orbited by a small world with primitive inhabitants, humans. After this plan was unanimously rejected by the others, this Prime betrayed and killed most of his brothers, but one survived and hid the Matrix in the Tomb of the Primes on Earth, fusing it shut with his own life essence. The Fallen, as the renegade Prime was now known, dispatched the Seekers to retrieve the Matrix, but they were unsuccessful and eventually abandoned. On Cybertron, the Fallen hunted down and killed every last Prime he could find, knowing that they were a threat to him. A single orphan was hidden away with no knowledge of his lineage Optimus Prime. In time, The Fallen encountered Megatron, and directed him to form the Decepticons, promising him the powers of a Prime in exchange for his loyalty. When Megatron left Optimus Prime in stasis lock, the last threat to the Fallen was removed, and he prepared for his return to Earth. However, Sam Witwicky, using the knowledge of the All. Spark within his mind, found the Matrix in Petra, Jordan. Unfortunately, it had turned to dust in the millennia in the tomb. When his heart stopped after an attack by Megatron, Sam communed with the sparks of the Twelve original Primes, who had judged Sam worthy of stewardship of the Matrix, and instructed him to merge the Matrix with Optimus. The Dynasty then returned Sam to life and transferred the knowledge of the All. Spark into the restored Matrix. With the Matrix restored, Sam used it to revive Optimus Prime and give him the knowledge of his ancestors. Unfortunately, the Fallen then attacked and stole the Matrix, activating the harvester. Using parts donated by a critically injured Jetfire, Optimus went to the star harvester, recovered the Matrix, and confronted the Fallen. In the battle that followed, Optimus proclaimed that the Fallen had forfeited his right to be a Prime when he slaughtered his brothers, and told Megatron that Primes were born, not made. Realizing he had been betrayed, Megatron and Starscream abandoned the Fallen and used the space bridge he had created to escape. Optimus then impaled the Fallen through the head with his own spear. With the death of The Fallen, Optimus Prime became sole inheritor of the Matrix and the last of the Dynasty of Primes. Revenge of the Fallen. Revenge of the Fallen. IDW comics. Eons ago, the All.