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Jays Radio Reviews, Comparisons Restorations. Hi Welcome to my site Ive worked in broadcasting and electronics all my life and have been interested in portable transistor radios since the early pocket portables of the 5. For 2. 6 years I worked for CBS Radio as Production Director for one of its station clusters and I previously managed a repair facility for an audio shop for 1. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. If you subscribe at the bottom of this page you will be notified whenever new articles appear. New Feature Amazon Quick Links   a new tab at the top right of this Home Page. This page contains links to many radios and radio related products at Amazon. I ask you to visit this page for all of your Amazon shopping if you buy anything through these links you will not only be getting the best prices Amazon offers on a world of products but you will also be helping to support the continuation of this free website and it wont cost you anything. I have personally bought many of these items and continually search for things of value to radio lovers and always welcome any questions or suggestions you care to send me. Anything you buy during your Amazon session which started through one of these links will contribute to this site. Thanks,Jay       The New Crane Skywave SSB Is Here. The C. Crane Skywave SSB has been officially announced with November 3rd as the expected date of availability. You can see it on C. Cranes website https www. I have had a couple of pre production prototypes which indicate performance will be at least as good as the original Skywave, perhaps a bit improved here and there. The SSB function itself seems to work well. A full review will follow after a final production unit arrives. Jay. WHATS NEW Latest Reviews Sangean PR D7PR D1. Torrent Nexus Expansion Pack. AMFM Portables. PR D1. PREVIEWS/63463243/23432455/grundig/grundig_satellit-3400_sm.pdf_1.png' alt='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' title='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' />PR D7. The Sangean PR D7 and PR D1. The PR D1. 4 features DSP design while the PR D7 is PLL digital, and the 1. FM Stereo at the headphone jack, FM RBDS, USB MP3WMA Playback and an Aux input jack. The PR D7 runs on 6 AA batteries while the PR D1. D cells. Finally the PR D7 is more compact, measuring approximately 8 x 4 x 1 while the PR D1. But the features tell only part of the story. Although both are good performers overall each has its own strengths and weaknesses which might make one far better suit to your needs than the other. YAQqnY--/18rargvpvh1odjpg.jpg' alt='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' title='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' />Well look in depth at these two models to help you decide if one is right for you. Read The Sangean PR D7PR D1. Review. Sony ICF P2. ICF P3. 6 ICF 3. AMFM Portables. We take a look at three inexpensive, entry level Sony compact portables. The shirt pocket sized ICF P2. ICF P3. 6 and the paperback book size ICF 3. The small size and low prices are the big attractions and it is interesting how strong their family resemblance is they look like the same basic design which grows from smallest to largest. But how well do they perform Read the Sony ICF P2. ICF P3. 6 and ICF 3. Review Tecsun S 8. AMLWFMSESSB Portable Radio With Remote. Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' title='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' />The long wait is over the new Tecsun has hit the streets and will no doubt garner lots of attention among radio listeners everywhere. In an age where manufacturers seem to be producing increasing numbers of inexpensive radios of every conceivable description this new Tecsun clearly takes aim at what has become the high end of the portable radio segment. The inclusion of a remote control sets makes it unique but at prices near 3. This report will describe exactly how well Tecsun did Read the Tecsun S 8. Review Three Sony Portable AMFM Radios ICF 5. ICF 1. 9 ICF 8. A Look at How Old School Compares with New School. What started out as a review of a single Sony model, the ICF 5. Sony portables the ICF 5. ICF 1. 9 and ICF 8. The 5. 06 and 1. berarbeitet am 19. In 1983, three years after Sony had introduced its famous ICF2001 first microprocessor controlled PLL shortwave receiver, Grundig came. Ham. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio amateur radio. This update will see the death of the old email program Outlook Express, as well as the depreciation of the popular Paint application. As Microsoft told Gizmodo back. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Find Grund p GulogGratis. Kb, salg og leje af nyt og brugt. Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' title='Grundig Satellit 300 Manual' />All are very good performers in this category of paperback book sized AMFM portable radios, but again, their differences will be important in your choice of which one might suit you best. Read The Sony ICF 5. ICF 1. 9 ICF 8. Review Sangean DT 2. AMFM Pocket Portable. The latest pocket portable from Sangean competes directly with their excellent DT 1. But the DT 2. 10 is an entirely different design and is in many ways very different than the DT 1. How do they compare which one is best Read The Sangean DT 2. Review. Buy It On Amazon and help support this free website. Sangean MMR 8. 8 Emergency Radio One of the nicest radios of this type I have seen, this one has it all from Solar, Crank or USB charging to DSP Digital Tuner, Cell Phone Charging, NOAA Weather with Alert and more. Read The Sangean MMR 8. Review. See It At Amazon Sangean U4 RuggedJobsite Radio. The new Sangean U4 RuggedJobsite Radio offers powerful audio to fill outdoor areas and features Digital Tuning with all the usual features such as presets, alarms and timers, Bass, Treble and Loudness controls, FM RBDS with Auto Clock Set, AM, NOAA Weather Band with Alert, Bluetooth connectivity, Aux In and built in AC power with Smart Charging capability, all in a rugged, rainproof cabinet. Well take the U4 outdoors to see how it performs. Read The Sangean U4 Review. See It At Amazon. Panasonic RF 2. 20. As a long time radio enthusiast, I had for many years read about the legendary Panasonic RF 2. Several sources refer to it reverently as The Holy Grail of AM analog portables, while others, more conservatively, simply say its the best AM portable radio ever madea DX ers dream. Strong claims to be sure. It also has an excellent FM tuner. Few radios remain at the top of a short list of favorites and since the RF 2. AM performance I wanted to bring the review into a modern context. This is an update of my original review written 1. Many new radios have emerged, many with decidedly mediocre performance, but a few with superb performance and it seemed like a good time to report on how the RF 2. Read The RF 2. 20. Review Restoration Article. FM Portables Mega Shootout With the advent of DSP Digital Signal Processing chips several years ago portable radios have greatly improved in overall FM performance. Well take a look at several of todays radios to compare their FM reception and well throw in some vintage receivers as well to see how they stack up. Well also provide a Quick FM Glossary to explain some of the technical aspects of FM reception and to help describe some of the things we look for when comparing radios on FM. Ansoft Designer 3.5 more. Read The FM Portables Mega Shootout. EtonGrundig Executive Satellit Eton has upgraded the Satellit with a new color scheme and integrated leather case but have given no clues as to whether that is where the differences end. The original Satellit is one of my favorite travel size portablesare there any internal updates that make it worthwhile to get the new version if you already own the original Satellit Read The EtonGrundig Executive Satellit Review AM Mega Shootout 2. Update. Click For Panaromic View Of The Radio Closet. Whats the best radio for AM reception Do expensive multiband radios provide better AM reception than a purely AM or AMFM radio Wondering how the most popular radios compare Heres the biggest AM Portable radio comparison project Ive ever done and one of the most expansive youll find anywhere with over 1. I describe my testing methodology to help you understand the results and do your own comparisons more accurately.