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Fastboot Toolbox' title='Fastboot Toolbox' />How To Fix Status 7 Error with CWM Recovery on Rooted Android When installing certain custom ROMs on rooted Android smartphones or tablets, you will encounter Status 7 error issues once in awhile with Clockwork. Mod CWM Recovery. Status 7 error is caused while the ROMs updater script file checks to see if the phone model of your phone is compatible with the ROM you are installing, called asserts. Asserts is a safety mechanism so you dont accidentally install another phone model ROM on your phone. E. g. You tried to install Galaxy S2 ROM on a Galaxy S3 and ending up hard bricking your phone but you got Status 7 error which saved you. Now, this safety mechanism is great but there are times where even if you have the correct ROM for your phone, you will get Status 7 error. This is due to an error by the developer of the ROM in the updater script, causing havoc, making people install another custom recovery like TWRP recovery for no reason. You can fix the issue by installing TWRP recovery but if you need to restore your CWM backups later down the line, you will have to re install CWM recovery, causing a big hassle. Also, if you update to the latest CWM Recovery using ROM Manager, usually this problem is fixed. But what if you did update to the latest CWM Recovery and still happens And yes, it does happen even when you update your CWM recovery. If you simply dont want to change your recovery because if it aint broke, dont fix it or you still get Status 7 error after changing recovery, you can simply edit the updater script yourself to get rid of the asserts. All you need is a computer and a zipping program You might be able to even do it on your Android device with Andro. Zip and text editor but I havent tried yet. MAKE SURE THE ROM YOU ARE INSTALLING IS COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR ANDROID DEVICE AS INSTALLING WRONG ROM CAN BRICK YOUR DEVICEFastboot ToolboxHi That only rebooted it normally. I tried many things I found on the web, also all the suggestions made in the toolbox. None worked but this one. Join the High. On. Android VIP Fans List for free help from Max and discounts on Android accessories. A collection of mobile phone tools programs for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 along with software reviews and downloads for 32bit and 64bit titles. Page 3. S Droid toolkit is a ultimate toolbox for android by XN Logosxda which allow user to perform all Action in Single Click, you can Complete Your Work More Easily, the. Freier Datenaustausch zwischen dem Mac HFSDateisystem und NTFS von Windows Sorgen Sie fr perfekte Kommunikation zwischen Mac und Windows mit dem schnellsten und. Droider. eu, guides and information for all your Android device needs. Mostly based around HTC Android phones. All kinds of mobile awesome. Providing editor reviews and free download of mobile phone tools such as those published by popular manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and. TI Android JB4. 2. DevKit4. 1. 1 Developer Guide. Developer Guide June, 2013. Flash Games 3D on this page. About this manual. The objective of this document is to guide developers to get access. Now let us proceed to the general, standard methods of installing a custom recovery to an Android device.