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Catlog 2. 01. 5 2. Ravi Velnati. Catlog 2. Published on Nov 2. Read an essay on the sharing of battery knowledge and share your opinions. This interface gives me an advantage in learning how the battery behaves in the field. MMU offers various engineering courses in Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering etc. Apply now for admissions Still Electronic Workbench EWB 5. LG TVs horizontal scanning times and TL494 SMPS control of integrated electronic workbenchs simulation. Capacitor discharge tool. A suitable discharge tool for each of these applications can be made as quite easily. The capacitor discharge indicator circuit. Power Quality Optimization with Active Harmonic Filter It is widely believed that active harmonics filters AHF are very costly and, therefore, are the last choice. INTRODUCTION. You are at the best, free online Basic Electronics Course. Just read the brief blocks of text, view the videos, and check out some of the screened. BU403 Charging Lead Acid. Learn how to optimize charging conditions to extend service life. The lead acid battery uses the constant current constant voltage CCCV. The database recognizes 1,746,000 software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Troubleshooting and Repair of Consumer Electronic Equipment 1. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is permitted if both of the. This notice is included in its entirety at the beginning. There is no charge except to cover the costs of copying. We will not be responsible for damage to equipment, your ego, blown parts. Back to Sams Gadget FAQ Table of Contents. This document attempts to provide an entry to the world of consumer electronics. It also covers test equipment selection, tools. Incredibly Handy. Widgetstm and safety. QJQRU/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Excellent It Smps Transformer Calculation Tool' title='Excellent It Smps Transformer Calculation Tool' />Mostly, you will learn by doing. However, you do need to prepare. There are many schools dedicated to electronics repair. Some of these are. Many are not. This document, however, is written from the. The Repair FAQs usually list suggested references for each area. Your. local public or university library will probably have some of these or. Above all read and understand the document Safety. Guidelines for High Voltage andor Line Powered Equipment. Your life may. depend on it. That fabulous large screen wont be of much use to you if you. Collect broken electronics and appliances from your friends, relatives. Start on those that have. We all did. As times passes. Back to Troubleshooting Table of Contents. Tools, Test Equipment, and Other Stuff Hand Tools Invest in good tools. If you are into garage sales, you can often pick up. It may not happen overnight but it. There will be many relatively easy. Dont let. them get to you not everything can be repaired. Sometimes, the basic. Troubleshooting. is like being a detective but at least the device is generally not out to. Experience will be your most useful companion. If you go into the profession, you will obtain or have access to a variety. These are an excellent investment where the saying. However, to learn, you need to develop a general. A tech tip database might suggest Replace C5. This is good advice for a specific problem on one model. However. what you really want to understand is why C5. TV or VCR. While schematics are nice, you wont always have them or be able to justify. Therefore, in many cases, some reverse. The time will be well spent since even. As always, when you get stuck, the sci. Happy repairing From Nicholas Bodley nbodleytiac. Heres how I see it. By all means, do what you can to understand basic principles first. Your success will be much more likely when you understand how a device. If you can, read Electronics Now and Popular Electronics, as well. Nuts and Volts http www. Also have a look at the. Radio Amateurs Handbook. These periodicals are not carefully edited, unfortunately, and now and. I learned quite a bit from their predecessors Radio. Craft and Radio News. I cant speak firsthand, but it might be a very good idea to become. Certified Electronic Technician. Look up the I. S. C. E. T. Hearsay and folklore sometimes indicate that you should replace a given. Drive Memory Increaser. But thats no way to. My personal take is that you have to know when to let go of an. A tech. who persists. Im sexist I think women are. I think its a male trait. Troubleshooting is a special field of knowledge and has its own special. The device did work, after all. Production testing and troubleshooting is different you are likely to be. If the assemblers arent giving you excellent quality, you. A variable toroidal autotransformer universally known by what used to be. General Radio trade name, Variac is priceless for troubleshooting. AC. line. Not all devices function at all at, say, half of rated AC input I. Unfortunately, Variacs and their. If you get. a used one, see that the contact area of the winding is undamaged you. If the knob is. stiff, try some contactcontrol cleanerlube it did wonders for mine Learn how to operate a scope, and learn why you see what you do. I. suspect that some techs are not too well informed about what goes on. Learn to use a digital multimeter, and an analog one as well the latter. Learn to use a function generator, and use the triangle output as well Nothing like a triangle to show a wee bit of clipping or limiting in an. Learn how to solder Solder is not an adhesive its a metallurgical. I trust. It just about has to be with. If you reallywant to learn soldering, NASA has. From Phillip R. Cline pclineiquest. I used to repair consumer electronics from VERY high end stereos down to. When repairing stereos there is no substitute for good. Good knowledge of. VCRs are almost always a mechanical. Audio stuff can be destroyed by the. All low and mid fi. Japanese stuff made within the last ten years isnt worth a crap from a design. Even a lot of the high end stuff is junk. They have 7. 1 volt rated. US and most European stuff is way better. There are exceptions. I once saw a Philips amp that had a transformer. They just rectified and filtered the AC with series caps and the common was the. This is fine if you rate the caps at. One cap shorted. and the other one exploded and launched the can sideways across the component. PC board. This basically did a nice job of depopulating the. I laughed for a good while. I gave up repairing stuff when the customers asked, and rightly so, why it. The OEM parts cost on some. This basically made most of the stuff disposable. My background was and still is as an electronic hobbiest so the theory. I. have a brother that was the person from whom I learned a great deal of. I know now about electronics. Soldering ability cannot be overstressed in importance especially with. SMT being very common nowadays. As for the guys that seem to be ripping. While labor might seem high a great deal of repair can be. This can work to the benefit of the shop. Our shop was this way. We had. the lowest pricing in townIndianapolis and the customers still bitched. Sometimes they would take their units after we gave them the price for. We didnt charge for estimates. They. would storm out only to come back with their tail between their legs in a. Depending on. their attitude we might go ahead with the repair. Often times we would decline by telling the customer that the other shops. This depended on the. Some of these places had some. We really didnt feel like undoing some yoyos handiwork just to get the. An EE in electronics is useless by itself and will cause a lot of undue. They will overlook the obvious easy. A few years of repairs under their. The best way to become proficient is with hands on training under an. A good overall background in electronics doesnt hurt. From Michael Black blackm. CAM. ORG. I think one of the problems of home repair is fear. If youre willing to. On the other hand, if you are. Or find some stuff. You may not fix it, but your willingness to open the cover allows you a. You de mistify the equipment. I picked up a VCR for cheap at a garage sale this past summer. I was. buying it as a tuner for use with a monitor. The guy said it must be the. Actually, it kept turning off. By moving the parts by. I saw how they were supposed to work. With the first hand experience. S. E. R FAQ made more sense than if. Id just read it first, and so did a book on VCR repair that I took out. Civil Services General Studies Material'>Civil Services General Studies Material. I saw that the belts needed replacing because Id figured. From Malcolm Mac. Arthur malcolmmrustic place. I have two years of an Electronic Engineering degree behind me I gave. It has been. little, if any, help. What you really need is experience. Ive been doing repairs since about. After twelve years, I now have a fair success rate, but those. Best thing to do is get hold of old. Beware of CRTs, though. Be. warned, you may break quite a lot of stuff initially But as the others. Tall repair stories time. The IDE hard drive, given free, with two broken pins.