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Anchoring Script Of A School Annual Day Function ANCHORING SCRIPT Rajnish Sir Good evening to one and all present over here. I am and he is my friend. The Day After Tomorrow TV specialThe Day After Tomorrow also known as Into Infinity in the United Kingdom is a 1. British science fiction television drama produced by Gerry Anderson between the first and second series of Space 1. Written by Johnny Byrne and directed by Charles Crichton, it stars Brian Blessed, Joanna Dunham and Nick Tate and is narrated by Ed Bishop. The Day After Tomorrow first aired in December 1. United States on NBC, as an episode of an occasional series of after school specials for children, Special Treat. In the UK, it was broadcast on BBC1 as a TV special in December 1. A Secular Gay Wedding Ceremony Script Knot Note Some names and information have been redacted for the couples privacy Introduction Good evening everybody. December 1. 97. 7 3. November 2. 01. 4, a revised version was broadcast on BBC Four. The plot of The Day After Tomorrow concerns the interstellar mission of Altares, a science vessel of the future that can travel at the speed of light. From its initial destination of Alpha Centauri, the ship pushes deeper into space there, her crew of three adults and two children encounter such phenomena as a meteor shower, a red giant and, finally, a black hole, which pulls the ship into another universe. Originally commissioned to create a child friendly introduction to Albert Einsteins special relativity theory in the form of an exciting action adventure, Anderson and Byrne conceived The Day After Tomorrow as a television pilot for a potential series and gave it an alternative episode title of Into Infinity. Ultimately, Andersons limited budget prevented additional episodes from being made. With a cast and crew including veterans of earlier Anderson productions, filming on The Day After Tomorrow ran from July to September 1. The visuals of Space 1. Martin Bower, who designed the scale model effects for the special, and production designer Reg Hill, who re used set elements created for various episodes of that series to build the interiors of Altares. Newcomer Derek Wadsworth collaborated with Steve Coe to compose the theme and incidental music. Critical reception to The Day After Tomorrow remains mixed. The model effects and music have been praised however, commentators have been both favourable and unfavourable in their comparisons of the specials psychedelic images to the visual style employed by film director Stanley Kubrick. Although Byrnes scriptwriting has been described as lyrical, and it has been suggested that The Day After Tomorrow contains homages to the 1. TV series Lost in Space, the plot has been criticised for a lack of suspense, which critics have generally attributed to the fact that the special is primarily a science education programme. Further criticism has been directed at the acting, with Martin Levs performance attracting a particularly negative response. Author Douglas R. Masons novelisation of the special remains unpublished, but a new novelisation by Gregory L Norris was released by Anderson Entertainment in September 2. In the future, the survival of human civilisation is increasingly threatened by rising pollution, environmental damage and the depletion of the Earths natural resources. The narrator Ed Bishop introduces Space Station Delta and the lightship Altares the latter of which is the first Earth spacecraft to harness the limitless power of the photon, allowing it to travel at the speed of light This could create the effects predicted by Einsteins Theory of Relativity effects that could shrink the very fabric of space, distort time, and perhaps alter the structure of the universe as we understand it. Altares is due to leave Delta on a mission beyond the Solar System to seek out Earth like planets for possible colonisation. Due to the effects of time dilation, by which astronauts travelling at near light speed age far more slowly than people on Earth, the ship will be crewed by two whole family units. Arriving in a United Nations shuttle, Doctors Tom and Anna Bowen Brian Blessed and Joanna Dunham board Altares with their son, David Martin Lev. Meanwhile, Jane Masters Katharine Levy leaves her dog, Spring, in the care of station commander Jim Forbes Don Fellows. Her father, Captain Harry Masters Nick Tate, engages Altaress photon drive and the vessel starts its 4. Alpha Centauri,2 its first scheduled stop. As Altares nears the edge of the Solar System, Jane and David observe how Pluto appears to change colour from blue to red due to the shortening and lengthening of light waves caused by the Doppler effect. Arriving at Alpha Centauri, the crew launch a series of satellites to relay data back to Earth. Having completed their primary objective, the Masters and Bowen families then agree to push deeper into space. When Altares encounters a star cluster, Anna tells Jane of Einsteins accomplishments in the areas of special relativity and unified field theory. Shortly after, the ship is hit by a meteor shower that damages various systems and causes the photon drive to re activate, hurling Altares through space at such velocity that the travellers are knocked out. A fail safe brings the vessel, now powerless, to a halt within the gravitational field of a red giant on the brink of supernova. Donning a heat suit, Captain Masters risks his life by entering the reactor core in a bid to repair the drive. He succeeds, and Anna and Jane pilot the ship outside the blast radius of the star before it explodes. Detecting a signal from Delta, which has taken the equivalent of 1. Earth years to reach them, the travellers are able to plot their position and lay in a course home. ErNkX2HKM/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Day After Tomorrow Script Pdf' title='Day After Tomorrow Script Pdf' />However, disaster strikes when Altares is caught in the gravity of a black hole that has formed from a collapsed star. The photon drive is unable to provide the faster than light speeds necessary to break free nevertheless, Anna urges the crew not to give up hope, for she suspects that the object may be a gateway to another universe. Her theory is proven correct when, sustaining the various space time distortions at the event horizon, Altares safely emerges from the black hole intact, albeit with no way of returning to Earth. As the vessel and its intrepid crew approach a planet, the narrator concludes, One thing is sure this is not the final word. Not the end, but the beginning. A new universe, a new hope Only time will tell. ProductioneditIn the spring of 1. Year One of Space 1. NBC agent George Heinemann contacted Group Three producer Gerry Anderson with an idea for a new science fiction TV series. This would comprise seven one hour episodes15 designed to teach children about scientific subjects in the format of an entertaining action adventure. To publicise the series, NBC undertook to distribute information leaflets to schools. Heinemann hired Anderson to produce a TV special that would discuss, as its main topic, the physicist Albert Einsteins theory of special relativity, which holds that the speed of light cannot be exceeded and remains constant whether an object is still or in motion. WritingeditBy 1. Group Three Productions had received no assurance from its distributor, ITC Entertainment, that a second series of Space 1. With the possibility of cancellation looming, Anderson and his scriptwriter, Space 1. BTSTATST BuyAcquire Today Sell tomorrow Z Connect by Zerodha Z Connect by Zerodha. Traders,In this blog we shall talk about BTSTATST which stands for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow or Acquire Today Sell Tomorrow. This is a facility offered by most of the stock brokers in India including Zerodha where you can buy stock today and sell it tomorrow before you get the delivery of the shares. Using this facility has its own merits and demerits and you will need to understand the equity settlement cycle before we go ahead with the topic. In India, we follow a T 2 settlement cycle when trading stocks please note we are talking about only stockequity trading. What this means is that if you buy 1. Reliance on Monday, you will get delivery of it get delivery means it will be credited to your demat account only on Wednesday evening Monday is T day, Tuesday T 1 day and Wednesday T 2 day. Similarly if you sell shares on Monday, you will receive the funds into your trading account on Wednesday T 2 day. Please note that SaturdaySundayPublic holidays will not be considered for delivery, so if you buy some stock on Friday, you will get it in your demat account only on Tuesday evening Friday is T day, Monday is T 1 day and Tuesday T 2 day. Another query people usually have is what is a trading and demat account, what is the difference Demat account is basically an account where your stocks sit in a dematerialized format and this is the only use of the demat account. It is very similar to a safety locker in the bank where you keep your valuables, in the bank locker you keep the valuables in physical form and in a demat account you keep your stocks in an electronic form. Trading account is where all the action happens, trading account is where you keep your funds, trading account is where you buysell stocksF O, trading account is where your futures and options contract stays, where the intraday position stays. In case you buy a stock for delivery in your trading account, after 2 days the stock is credited to your demat account mapped with your trading account and when you sell stocks the same is debited from your demat account. For trading F O, you dont require a demat account as F O are contracts and they stay in your trading account till the end of expiry. Getting back to the main topic,When you buy a stock, ideally you should sell it only once you get delivery to your demat. So if you buy some stock on Monday, you should ideally sell it only on Thursday onwards. But this is not an ideal world and sometimes opportunities arise much before that and people would want to take an exit decision before getting delivery. At Zerodha we let you buy and sell before getting delivery. What this means is that if you buy a stock for delivery on Monday, you can sell it on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and Thursday onwards. A common phrase used in the stock markets today is BTSTATST and used for trades when you buy stock for delivery and sell the immediate next day. At Zerodha, If you want to buy a particular stock for delivery, the product type that you need to use while purchasing is CNC Cash Carry you need to have a demat account for taking delivery of stocks, otherwise this option will not be enabled. Assume you bought 1. Reliance on Monday using the product type CNC and the present price of Reliance is Rs. To purchase as CNC, you will need Rs. Rs. 8. 00 x 1. 00. First Scenario You bought at Rs. PM you saw the price is Rs. You decided to book the profit and you sold the Reliance as CNC. Though you have bought and sold as CNC, this will be considered as an intraday trade and all taxesbrokerage will be according to intraday charges. Second Scenario You bought on Monday and Tuesday the price of Reliance was Rs 8. You decide to sell the shares, so you choose the option CNC and sell it you are doing a BTSTATST trade. On ZT, we show all these positions as T1 Holdings. T1 Holdings will show you the stocks that you have bought the previous day. Viewing T1 Holdings on Zerodha Trader. Third Scenario You bought on Monday and the price of Reliance went to Rs. Wednesday. You havent still got the delivery as it happens only on Wednesday evening. You can still sell using the CNC option. Again, if you want to see such holdings you will have to click on T1 Holdings as shown in the above picture. Fourth Scenario You bought Reliance on Monday and on Wednesday evening you get the delivery of stock, if you want to sell these shares anytime after Wednesday you can sell it using the CNC option. If you want to view shares which are in your demat account, click on the Holdings link as shown in the above picture. Merit of having an option to do BTSTATST sell before getting delivery of the stock to your demat account is that you have the flexibility of exiting anytime after buying the stock. Also when you do BTSTATST, you dont have to pay any DP charge. DP charge is what you pay when stocks are debited from your demat account IL FS charges Rs. NSDL charges Rs. 5, for every stockscrip sold at the end of day, no matter how many times you sell during the day. And because you are selling the stock before it hits your demat account, you dont have to pay any DP charges. Demerits If traders are looking to convert intraday positions to delivery, you need to keep in mind that STT Securities Transaction Tax will go up almost 1. Stocks sometimes are moved to T2. T SegmentTrade to Trade Segment by the exchanges to curb speculative interest. When a stock is moved to T2. T, you will have to compulsory take delivery if you buy and give delivery when you sell. When a stock is moved to this segment, you will not be able to do intraday trading or BTSTATST trading. How do you know if a stock is moved to T2. T segment If you look for the stock in either of the exchange websites, you will see if it is in normal market or T2. T. Also another way to know this is, while adding the stock on the marketwatch, you get an option to choose EQ or BE, EQ is for normal market and BE for T2. T. If the stock is trading as BE and not EQ, it means the stock is in T2. T. The most important thing to know about BTSTATST is RISK OF BTSTATST Selling shares before you have received delivery of the shares to your demat account Let me explain with an analogy You have deposited a cheque into your bank account for Rs. Total Recall App. Wednesday evening, you write a cheque in favor of a friend on Tuesday. You know that your friend will present the cheque to his bank on Wednesday and by the time it reaches your bank, the other cheque would have cleared. Ideally, if the cheque you deposited gets cleared on Wednesday, the cheque you have given to your friend also clears. But we are not in an ideal world, what happens if the cheque you deposited into your bank account bounces on WednesdayYes the person who gave you the cheque is penalized by his bank, but you are also penalized now because your cheque would have also bounced on Thursday. Similarly when you buy shares and sell it before delivery, what happens if you dont get the delivery This is called short delivery could be partialcomplete, this would happen when the person who sold you shares doesnt deliver stocks to you, this could be because the other person had shorted for intraday and didnt cover his positions, stocks hitting upper circuits and similar reasons.