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Manuali in ITALIANO Scritti da me e da miei scagnozzi per aiutare chi inizia. NuovoCorso Nuovo Corso As400 VecchioCorso Corso RPG ILE As400 Vecchio. Convert As400 Spool Files Pdf' title='Convert As400 Spool Files Pdf' />Calling a program in totally free RPG RPGPGM. COMSomeone said to me that the reason that they will not use totally free RPG is they cannot call programs using it. In the earlier flavors of free format RPG they could just switch from free format to fixed to do the call, and return to free format afterwards. Var. 1 Hello. C call OTHERPGM1. C parm Var. Convert As400 Spool Files PdfC parm Var. C parm Var. Var. 3 Y. With totally free RPG once the REE compiler directive is placed in the code it is not possible to go back to fixed format after that. Therefore, the approach used above is not possible. For some time there has been alternative method to call programs using, what I call, external program procedure calls. Convert As400 Spool Files Pdf' title='Convert As400 Spool Files Pdf' />How to export as400 iSeries data to excel www. Duration 424. AS400VRTech 18,167 views. The WebSphere Application Server Performance Cookbook covers performance tuning for WebSphere Application Server, although there is also a very strong focus on Java. Copyright c 19842017 merrill consultants dallas texas usa mxg changes 35. This method even predates free format definitions. But I am just going to discuss how to do this in totally free format. In the declare procedure prototype definition, DCL PR, there is a keyword I can use to indicate that this procedure is really an external program. This allows me to call the external program just like any procedure. Let me get straight to the code. Other. Pgm. 1 extpgm. Parm. 1 char5. Parm. Parm. 3 char1. Var. Var. 2 packed3. Var. Free Program Wanted Weapons Of Fate Pc Crack. Var. 1 Hello. Var. Other. Pgm. 1Var. Var. Var. 3. 1. 5 if Var. Y. Line 1 It is not totally free unless the FREE in the first position of the source record. Line 2 My standard control options I use in every program. Lines 3 7 This is the procedure prototype definition for my external program. Line 3 At the starting line of the procedure prototype definition, DCL PR, line I give the name I want to call this procedure, and I have to use the EXTPGM keyword to denote that this is an external program. The program is called OTHERPGM1, therefore, my making the procedure name the same as the programs name I do not have to give the program name as part of the EXTPGM keyword. I will show an example of the program and procedure names being different later. Lines 4 6 These are the three parameters that will be passed and returned to and from the external program. In this example I have given them names, which I normally dont do as I cannot use these as variable names later in the program. Line 7 END PR marks the end of the procedure prototype definition. Lines 8 1. 0 These are the definitions of the variables I will be using to pass and return from the procedure. Lines 1. 1 1. 3 I am moving values into these variables. Line 1. 4 I do the call to the external program just as I would for any procedure. Line 1. 5 The external program can change the values in the parameter variables, that I can then use. One advantage of using subprocedures is that I can define a procedure within it that remains local, i. If I am only going to call an external program from within a subprocedure I can define the procedure prototype with the subprocedure, rather than at the top of the program. Procedure. 1. 0. Other. Pgm. 1Returns extpgmOTHERPGM1. Other. Pgm. 1ReturnsP1 P2 P3. Line 1 DCL PROC marks the beginning of the subprocedure. Lines 2 6 This is my procedure prototype definition. Line 2 I am going to call the same program as before, but this time I am giving it a procedure name, Other. Pgm. 1Returns, that is different from the program name. This is why I need to give the external programs name within the EXTPGM keyword. Lines 3 5 This time I am not going to give the parameters names. I need to use to indicate that the name is null. Line 6 END PR marks the end of the procedure prototype definition. Line 7 I call the procedure name as I did in the previous example. Line 8 END PR marks the end of the procedure. If the program I am calling does not require parameters to be passed I can define a procedure prototype without any parameters, and call the procedure with no parameters. Other. Pgm. 2 extpgm. Other. Pgm. 2. Regular readers have seen me do calls to the QCMDEXC API using a procedure. QCMDEXC extpgm. 0. Command varchar2. Length packed1. 5 5. Command CLRPFM QTEMPWORKFILE. QCMDEXCCommand lentrimrCommand. Length 2. 5. 1. QCMDEXCDLTDTAARA QTEMPWRKDTAARA Length. QCMDEXCDLTF QTEMPWORKFILE 1. In these examples the parameters in the procedure prototype definition have extra keywords on them. OPTIONSARSIZE mean that the string in the parameter is variable in length. CONST means that the value is passed to the external program, cannot be changed and returned to the calling programprocedure. Why would I want thatAs the examples shown on lines 7 1. I dont have to use a variable to pass a value to the external program. I can just pass the value. I tend to do this for two reasons I dont have to define variables that will be used just once, as the parameters, when QCMDEXC is called. I think when I give the command I want to execute in the parameter it becomes obvious to myself at a later date, or to another, what I am doing. It just a case of personal preference, I prefer to do it this way. If you dont then you dont have to. I have shown when I have given a value in the EXTPGM it has been a value. But I can use a variable in the EXTPGM keyword, which allows me to call multiple different programs using one procedure prototype definition. Which is the same as using a variable name in the CALL operation code. Next. Pgm extpgmPgm. Name. 0. 3 dcl s Pgm. Name char1. 0. Pgm. Name OTHERPGM2. C call Pgm. Name. 0. 6 Next. Pgm. Pgm. Name OTHERPGM3. Next. Pgm. line 1 This time the EXTPGMM contains a variable name, rather than a value. Line 3 This is the variable that will contain the name of the program I want to call. Line 4 First program I want to call is OTHERPGM2. Line 5 If I was performing the call using fixed format it would look like this. Line 6 When I call the procedure it calls the programs name that is in the variable Pgm. Name. Line 7 Change the name of the program in Pgm. Name. Line 8 This time when I call the procedure the program OTHERPGM3 is called. I hope that this post, and the examples contained within, will convince the person I mentioned in the first paragraph, and anyone else who has used the same excuse, that it is possible to call a program in totally free RPG. Now there is no reason why they should not start coding using totally free format. This article was written for IBM i 7. TR1. 1 and 7. 2 TR3 and later too. Printing from the i. Series. Printing is a critical process in any organizations application flow, so keeping your i. Series printer up and running. By submitting your personal information, you agree that Tech. Target and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers. You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Weve gathered some of the top expert advice, tips and articles to help you print and distribute your data and reports to your users. These resources will guide you through the printing process, as well as advise you should you run into any problems. TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 1 Advice from the experts on connecting to printers. Chapter 2 Getting data from i. Series into Excel, text or PDF format. Chapter 3 Formatting documents. Chapter 4 Working with overlays Chapter 5 Working with spool files. Chapter 6 Distributing documents. Chapter 7 Printdocument management tools. Chapter 8 Additional printing resources. Chapter 9 Just for fun System i printing Configuring an ASCII printer. Chip Milosch gets into the nitty gritty of configuring an ASCII printer for IBM i printing. Learn configuration commands, printer setup, and find out how to create the printer device in this detailed guide to system i printing. Solve printing problems when using Personal Communications 5. A user has problems printing the print screen using Personal Communications 5. HP ps. 20. 15. Troubleshoot this issue by going through the Printer Setup process and checking if your 5. Set up a HP Deskjet 6. NIC as a stand alone printer. To set up a printer with built in internal NIC as a standalone on the AS4. ASCII printer and use the host print transform function. Chip Milosch refers readers to his article on configuring an ASCII printer to learn more about connecting printers to the i. Series as a remote writer or IP device. Do AS4. 00 printers have to be IPDS compatible Printers do not have to be IPDS compatible in order to print from devices such as the cannon image. Runner on the i. Series. An expert explains how this connection may require a Work Station Customization Object and directs you to tips on configuring an ASCII printer. Workstation customization is necessary for printer drawer selection. Printer drawers are notorious for mix ups. If you run into trouble with printer tray selection using OCE printers on IBM i, use this tip to create a Workstation Customizing Object. HP 4. 30. 0 printing errors from i. Series 5. 15. Upgrading your i. Series means updating your printer connections as well. This user found printer problems when upgrading from an old AS4. Series 5. 15, from an HP as an LAN printer. Create a Workstation Customizing Object and delve into duplex control settings to fix this connection. Tray selection for remote printers from AS4. Need a special form printed from a remote printer tray with IBM i Tray selection equates to the DRAWER attribute of the spooled file attributes. If you are getting the wrong tray selection, you will need to set up a custom WSCST object. Delayed printing from AS4. Windows 2. 00. 3 network server. Has your Windows printer server caused a printing delay on the i. Series Unless you altered your i. Series settings or upgraded, delays probably issue from the Windows server. One user upgraded from a 2. Windows 2. 00. 3 and asks the experts about printing delays. Separator pages Printer generated or AS4. You can stop separator pages from printing off your HP on the i. Series. Use the i. Series device configuration to find out if these issues are coming from the i. Series or the printer itself. Changing the default system printer for AS4. Changing your default system printer on IBM i has no negative side effects. Chip Milosch explains how to implement the change, and why this will only affect where to direct system print jobs. Remote AN printer configuration Not printing full documents. A printer time out could be the source of problems printing lengthy documents on a remote LAN printer. If your printer aborts long print jobs with the AS4. Problems with print screen function on i. Series CA since upgrade. A user is having an issue using the print screen function on i. Series Client Access since the company upgraded it to 5. Chip Milosch tells you how to use Printer Setup to solve this problem. Connecting an HP Laser. Jet to the i. Series. Learn how to connect an HP Laser. Jet or any ASCII printer to the i. Series. The most important steps are to correctly identify the printer to the i. Series via a Work. Station Customization Object and to use the correct port on the i. Series printer device description. An expert explains these steps in this brief how to. Series to PC printing on HP printers. A user wonders how to send an Escape seq in RPG so the printer can understand. Check out this expert response for tips on coding sequences in RPG for i. Series printing on HP printers. Whats the correct configuration for my network printer Is your printer configuration preventing you from successful printingA user asks about unwanted bar codes from an OTC 1. HP Jet Direct to a remote LAN. Richard Belles suggests configurations for your network printer. Connecting an HP Laser. Jet to the i. Series. One user writes, Im using a HP Laser. Jet 3. 03. 0. I would like to use the printer to my i. Series. Whats the best method to follow Printing and output expert Chip Milosch explains two important details to remember when connecting any ASCII printer with the i. Series identifying the printer to the i. Series and using the correct connection port. Learn how to connect your HP Laser. Jet printer to the i. Series with this expert response. Printing to an Epson FX 8. Ever wonder if its possible to set up an Epson to print from the AS4. IP address Expert Ken Graap explains how you can. You can print directly from the AS4. Graap. Find the output queue here if you want your Epson FX 8. AS4. 00 using an external jet direct box. Connecting an HP2. Series. It can be difficult to decipher what manufacturer type and model to plug into the device description when connecting a new printer. Maybe you lost some packaging or maybe its just too hard to locate these details in the connection chaos. Crack the code with this expert response about connecting a HP2. Series. Configure an HP printer with Jetdirect. Find the commands needed to configure a HP 7. Jet. Direct on an i. Series TCPIP, as well as links explaining the commands to create a LAN attached printer. Printing over an Epson DFX8. Fujitsu DL6. 40. 0 printer. An expert explains how to get your Epson to emulate an IBM 2. Check out this response if you want to print lists over an Epson and Fujitsu printer on IBM i. Printing to an HP1. Windows 9. 8 PCHaving trouble printing from your HP on a Windows 9. PC If you see the document on screen but it doesnt leave the printer, try expert Shahar Mors suggestions for local translation. Setting up printers on a Twinax network. A user asks how to configure printers on a Twinax network. Richard Belles gives a quick hint for the detail that could help you instantly configure. Setting up a remote host printer. Its easy to set up a remote host printer on IBM i with these simple instructions from expert Richard Belles. Just assign the IP address, create the remote out queue, and address the printer from the i. Series. Configuring i. Series Navigator to print through a Citrix server.