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About IDEA Software Spec. Tec Gmb. H About IDEA. IDEA was created in 2. Klaus and. Sebastian Allebrodt. Today, the software is. In 2. 00. 8 IDEA was acquired by the. Spec. Tec Group, who produces and distributes. AMOS software. suite. With installations on more than. AMOS has been the market. Spec. Tec now has a total of 2. While AMOS will continue to be developed. IDEA is the main product for the. Tobias Allebrodt Dirk Conze Stefan Hachmann Sebastian Fedrau Roberto Millo Jennifer Herrmann Tiziano Jurinovich Sebastian Rapp Christian Mhle Sebastian Sallmon About Spec. Tec We operate in the markets of Shipping, Oil Gas, Defence, Energy production and distribution, Land based industry. Fixed integer type used in the WinRT version of the byteorder conversion functions. Amos Software Full Version' title='Amos Software Full Version' />Calvins Commentaries are, in the words of Philip Schaff, one of the few exegetical works that have outlived their generation. Calvin preached and wrote. Our software AMOS Asset Management Operating System allows operation and control of all Technical and Documentation aspects in the fields of Maintenance, Spare parts and Stock control, Purchasing and Procurement, Quality and Safety documentation management, Voyage management for shipping, Personnel management. In its 2. 7 years of existence, AMOS has become the de facto standard in shipping, and a major player in all other fields of application in fact, the use of AMOS in the Energy sector is rapidly expanding, while several Navies worldwide are implementing AMOS as a Commercial Off The Shelf COTS software to cover their Integrated Logistic Systems aspects. Spec. Tec invests heavily in research and development. Working in close cooperation with many of our customers and partners, we develop software that suits your needs, provides you with a competitive advantage and ensures compliance with mandatory regulations. Longtion-AutoRun-Pro-Enterprise-14.5-Download.jpg' alt='Amos Software Full Version' title='Amos Software Full Version' />Independence Day. Matrix Proton 308 Installation more. Microsoft designers worked incredibly closely with Guide Dogs its employees, mobility experts and users like Bottom and Brewell to genuinely understand the challenges of traveling to and fro with vision loss. The engineers and designers from Microsoft and mobility experts and users from Guide Dogs spent countless hours in the field together. In rain and wind, they patiently tried various half baked ideas, experimented with different approaches to hardware and software, and gave essential feedback to help shape the technology every step of the way. It really was a deep dive into the whole customer experience, which has continued throughout this three year process and still continues today. We havent stopped, said Jenny Cook, head of strategy and research for Guide Dogs. The possibility of what this could be was exciting and still is. Weve only done a concept, its still pure research and development, but the possibilities are endless and the impact is incredible if we get this right. It takes weeks for a mobility trainer to help a user learn a short route, say from home to a bus stop, and even familiar paths can yield unanticipated difficulties silent cyclists, disruptive construction, noiseless smart cars, hanging tree branches, tipped over garbage bins, delayed buses. For many, travel becomes a stressful and overwhelming prospect. Templates Acco Pdf Template. In the U. K., there are about 1. Thats a massive social issue in its own right, said Richard Leaman, CEO of Guide Dogs. That was really the heart of our new strategy. Supporting blind people with 5,0. Introducing new services, like the use of technology, is a vital ingredient to change. If our major cities in the U. K. had sensor enriched zones where this capability worked, I think it would be an incredible achievement. Beyond that, I expect this to go global, as Im sure major cities around the world will want the same. Its like an awakening.